Laptop For Fashion Design

My sister is planning to do fashion design next year in college and wants to get a laptop. Anyone here do any of the fashion design in college. What design programs did you use and what type of laptops did you get? She doesn’t want to be getting a machine that isn’t powerful enough. :smiley:

Theres almost an identical thread about this subject in the same category as you are posting in… Have a look.

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Depends highly on the school, but I’ve seen the students that work in fashion design around campus here and they do minimal design work on their laptops. Personally I think they should and have urged some of them to ‘get the lead’ against their upcoming competition by just having some digital work (almost nothing they have is digital!) so I’d say almost anything would do.

I would sugest one good enough to run the adobe suite, I dont believe there is anything specielist they use, but will need the adobe suite.

so really not a lot is needed spec wise. even something slim and light, easier to transport is a big plus, I hate bringing my laptop in and its a relitivly small one…

the laptops of today are all mini workstations. As long it is a i3, i5 or i7 with 4 giga, be sure that for fashion design its more then enough. Mostly they use some CAD for the shapes of fabric and some more advanced user uses photoshop to sketch the dresses…