Laptop for Fashion Design student

hi all…:slight_smile: i’m hoping to study fashion design next year, and i was wondering what was the best laptop to get so that i could use programs like photo shop etc. on the laptop. i need to get the laptop as soon as possible but i don’t want to buy one this year and realise these programs don’t work on it next year. i would really appreciate some advice on the subject :smiley:

Pretty much all laptops in the past 5+ years can easily run Adobe suites. It all comes down to budget and personal tastes on the rest. The things I’d specs I’d look for is the fastest CPU 1st, the most RAM (or upgradeable RAM), a GPU (graphical card that’s not shared), then harddrive space. Personal-wise, size would be important. If you travel weight and battery life would be important. The bigger the screen the easier you can use the programs, but the heavier and larger they would be to carry around as well.

One things I find most surprising is that a good percentage of students don’t use a mouse with their laptop. Invest in a good mouse that’s comfortable, preferably with extra buttons. A Windows-based PC is as good as a Mac running these programs. Neither is better, they both work great with Adobe just fine. If you want to run any 3d CAD program, you WILL need Windows.

I’d go with a Macbook Air. It has more than enough power for your needs and is the most fashion-et laptop right now, but will still look good in 4 years.

I think that macs are great machines, but honestly: the cost is too high and with a normal laptop that costs the half or even less you do the same. Ok, its not so trandy, but is that so important ???