Laptop CAD graphics problems...

I just got a laptop from work to run Solidworks on. It is a Dell D600 with the stock graphics card. This thing is a graphics slug. Does anyone know if I can replace the card in this thing? What would be a good card to get for this laptop.

I appreciate any help in advance.


The solidworks website has a list of just about every graphics card ever and a rating on how it performs.

On notebooks, it is next to impossible to change the video card after they left the factory. The card is usually part of the motherboard.
Nvidia makes the best cards IMO.

i have a d600. you can replace the graphics card. the stock one is on the chipset so its on your motherboard. on the top right corner the plastic has a notch. you can put a flathead screwdriver and pull that off easyily. once you do that you can remove your keyboard. It just snaps out. theres your motherboard. its pretty exposed for a laptop. you can go buy a graphics card and put it in there.