laptop bags

Who do you think makes the best designed laptop/messenger bags out there? Dakine? Timbuk2? Oakley?

Acme Made - highest quality laptop cases out there
Dakine - kick ass back packs
Timbuk - alright, little overrated, but comfy

It’s not really a bag but more of a softcase. Anyway I love it and so does my ibook!

Joe, who makes that case? I found some interesting bags and such…

its a crumpler gimp

I’ve got an Oakley and love it - nice & slim with JUST enough room for extra battery, power brick, iPod, etc.

That Tom Binh stuff isnt exactly well designed, I am a big fan of the acme-made. Tumi makes some nice cases and sleaves, of leather and ballistic nylon.

I have a tom bihn brain cell for my tablet and love it. it actually suspends the notebook inside of it in an adjustable, sort of neoprene sling. It makes for excelent protection and i feel comfortable throwing it in my messenger bag (which gets dropped quite often). The reason i didn’t go for the acme was bc the zipper tends to scratch the computer and you insert and remove it…a terrible design flaw if you ask me.



Merrell has a line of laptop sleeves and backpacks - in addition to fine shoes and boots - really expanding their offerings these days.


I really dig Merrells’ site and thier product, good call.

Tumi makes some great stuff.

They mainly design apple product- based carriers, but me and my friends have gotten bags from this brand for a few years:

I have stashed way more stuff than I expected into one of their laptop sleeves. Their sling backpacks are amazing.

gravis. everytime.