laptop bag prototyper

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I m senior design student at CSULB. I am doing a laptop bag for one of my thesis. Do anyone know any bag prototyper here in SoCal ? I have been calling around with no result so far.

Thanks for the help


I’ve posted them a bunch before, but Carry Gear Solutions in Seattle, is very good in my experience.

There is a company you may want to contact, that I believe may be able to help you with your thesis project.
The company is located locally in Anaheim.
The company’s address is 1150 No Miller St.
The phone number (locally) is 714-399-1400
The toll free number is 866-577-7774

The name of the company is Mobile Edge, LLC
The site is
To see what they manufacture in addition to laptop bags, check out the other site:
They are also ref on Wikipedia: Mobile Edge.
I also believe you should contact your instructor and ask for help. Better to ask than to get stressed and not be happy. Trust me. I believe I know the instructor, is his initials J. R.? Ask him for help. Good Luck, Maven, I’ll be at the Sr Show 5-27.

Also, when calling Mobile Edge, do tell them that you are a Senior at CSULB and you need some guidance to finish your project. Perhaps they can meet with you (always bring a friend), and bring your sketches with you so they know how to assist you further. I am sure they would be more than happy to spend an hour with you. And, you never know. You could get a job with them. They also have offices/locations in Asia as well.

Again, Good Luck and I hope to meet you at the Senior Show on May 27th. When you see your instructor J.R., I will be with him.

I wish I could have helped you sooner and I hope it is not to late to get help from Mobile Edge.

any good prototypers in New England?