Languages of Design

Will learning different languages help you out greatly in getting a good job in industrial design? If so, what languages do you feel are the most important to learn for this line of work?

IMO learning ANY other language is going to help you. While it’s difficult to guess which language will get you which job, just having the ability for what I call ‘parallel perspective’ will always help you in your design profession. To explain, when you learn another language you eventually internalize a different way of thinking. The brain creates new pathways between synapses that then provide you an alternate way of looking at the same subject, like having a different perspective on something.

'nuf of the lecture. Here’s the real answer to your question. Mandarin, or Russian. That’s not to say that learning German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese won’t also open up possibilities for you, but these two will give you a more unique position in what will be dominant industrial markets.

Learn at school, but do an ID internship abroad to really learn the language -you should get fairly comfortable with the language within 3 months.