Land mine - New design project

Hi Ya’ll

I’ve been asked by a client to develop a new portable land mine for tropical areas.

Does anyone have any experience in injection moulding titanium?

I guess rusting is an issue too because they will be buried into wet soil.

Any experiences or information would be greatly appreciated. It’s difficult to find any information about this type of product.

Theres a reason there not much info. Loser

what kind of client needs land mines for south america? that sounds like a horrible project to work on - i hope you are ok with knowing that lots of people will be seriously injured or killed directly because of you.

btw, if rusting is the only issue then there are lot of other materials that will work. who care anyway, if it is just going to blow up.

i think its a fair question

i mean is there any difference between land mines and the landfill that shoe or toaster designers push into the environment

There are other trpoical areas other than South America.
Like Vietnam.

Anyway, it’s very tough making a living in the design field and I need to take the jobs when they come in the door.

It does bring up some racial issues, but I need to feed my family.


I’m hoping this is a joke, but won’t assume it.
I suggest you check out: 404 | ICBL

If this is the only design gig you’re able to get, consider it a sign that you need to change carrier paths…

i wonder which country is responsible for most of those cg?

oh say can you see?

those people in the middle eastern countries are experts at these type of explosive products… they are getting quite some recognition lately too.

please feel free to upload some process pictures… im sure many of us are interested in the result.

It’s sad that the US is one of the few countries that have not yet signed this treaty.

why would you use titanium? why not use a ceramic casing…

I’m going to let my MORALS get in the way of performing at my job… Worthless designers.

This doesn’t even sound like industrial design.

It is ok to decline work for ethical reasons within reason I think.

But…If you have to do the work, I would try to make them in some way that they can be later found. If they are going to do them anyway, maybe you can at least slip in some design aspect that can prevent the leftover minefields of many countries around the world.

I spent some time in Cambodia in 01’ and people are still being blown up. Seeing someone with no legs crawling around in the street begging for money is a very aweful sight… and right now there is no easy way to clear the mines

Do the research and insist on a humanitarian way of preventing that. Or slip it in anyway.

My God people… this is obviously a troll. A portable landmine? As opposed to all the unportable ones? Made out of titanium? I don’t think so. Why would you make something that is blows up out of titanium? And also… let see… why would an industrial designer be picking materials for a land mine? An engineer would be working on this, and he or she wouldn’t be asking for advice on the internet.

losers are all over the internet.