Lancia Pu+Ra HPE Concept

Rather unfortunate name on this one, but would be awesome to see Lancia make a performance EV hatch :blush:

Who writes the VO for these videos? :rofl:

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Thank you for posting these fotos streight out of Milan, from today.

Really refreshing new and very italian take on Lancia. I for one am in LOVE.
Must confess, that I am a serial Lancia owner. (Way back in the past.)

They will have to come a long way to give me the security to purchase an electric one, but the style is there. And for Italy, Fare bella figura comes a long way.

I wish them luck with turning this styling exercise into something buildable. See the interior, too:



Spot on!


@mo-i the seats! So nice! Let’s see where it goes along the path to production. I wonder how reliable the Fiat 500e is? I assume there would be some of the same Stelantis development team?

I wouldn’t say I’m in love - that would require more familiarity with the Lancia marque - but it is refreshing and audacious, and the CMF! Wow.

So much good but so much bad.

What’s poo-ra supposed to mean?

It is not English, it is meant to evoke italian: “pura” = “pure”

HPE : High Performance Electric.

(Moniker once was High Performance Estate, back in the day.)

I figured it was something like that. “Pura” would have been much better.

some more images:

Love the louvered rear look with the taillights/spoiler. Throwback to the look of the Stratos?

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@Scott_Sommerville_c4 for sure I think that is what they were going for… but nice that it isn’t a pure retro take on it… the floating tail lamps really surprised me. Kind of fun!

Speaking of, this is a Wheeljack alt mode I designed a few years back.