laminating fabrics

Im looking into laminating fabrics. I would say around 2-5 sq ft at a time, both sides. Does anyone have any info they could give me on process or what I could purchase to do this? I would like to purchase equiptment to do it myself rather than sourcing. Im looking to do it on somewhat of a small scale production so that I can change fabrics often without sitting on a bunch of product.

what do you want to laminate them with?

well im not really sure what the best material would be. I am hoping to seal in a fabric with a laminated film to make a lamp shade. so something that resembles a type of parchment paper finish? depending on the situation i would like to have a transparent or semi trans laminating material. I dont know if i need a pvc, polyurethane, polyamide, etc… but also if i can purchase some type of laminating machine that can handle this.

what i have seen so far is mostly machines with rollers, electric and manual, that that you can roll fabrics through that will then be soaked with a resin, mostly used in the boating manufacturing industries i guess, but i dont want to soak the fabric which will then harden. i want it to stay somewhat flexible to form into lam shades.

most of the technical fabrics that you’ll find are already coated with a layer of material. Usually Urethane, latex, EVA or a multitude of adhesives.
But usually it’s only done to one side.

What is the purpose of your coating? Is it to provide some type of look? Usually the coating is to make the fabric more durable, or resistant to wear.

I guess the key here is figuring out what you want from your material.

Another thing to look into is a spray on application. That would free you from having to buy a roller, since that equipment is usually pretty large.

But first you should establish why you even need a coating.

a coating is needed for ease of cleaning, durability, light reflection (if desired for the inner surface), resistance to wear and tear, heating issues, etc…