Lamborghini works by sketchbook in two hours

just a practice,and i take my process out that hope have some help for somebody.


Very nice!


You have an amazing sketch rendering ability.

One point, clean up all the “over-spray”!

nice, I like this and the other sketches you posted a lot, welcome to the board

One point, clean up all the “over-spray”!

side note…

my last monitor had trouble picking up overspray like this.

I sent images over to a client, they loved the designs, but kept bringing up the “gray stuff” outside the design that looked really bad.

I couldn’t see what they were talking about whatsoever. really frustrating.

I opened up the same image I sent them in PS… still nothing.

then I altered the levels to make the greys super black, and there they were hiding behind the white noise.

bought a new monitor, no problems since.

Amazing! I almost don’t believe it!

Can you perhaps post a video? I would love to see how you work. I’m new to using Sketchbook and a tablet so looking for any advice and you are obviously VERY skilled.

Great stuff, welcome to the core boards. hope to see more of your work.


Awesome, awesome, awesome.

How did you do the environmental reflections? That’s what really makes the render sing. Is it a distorted photo that you’re over laying, or is it drawn? Either way awesome effect.

Yeah, a video of your process would be really nice!

Do you have a website or a coroflot portfolio of any other work?

I used to run into that a few years ago working cross platform bouncing between 4 machines and monitors for one project. I got into the habit of grabbing the eyedropper tool to check all of the places I want to be white to make sure. You’ll get that issue a lot also if your monitor is too bright or the contrast is set too high the way most of them are coming right out the box.

man! this is good! how long have u been using Sketchbook pro?

nice render! I’d love to see steps 6.5 and 7.5 and 8.5 … a lot going on there between those steps. You should do a video!

I have been using it for about 2 years

The steps 6.5 and 7.5 and 8.5…they was just the foregoing step repeating

I am sorry ,about the environmental reflections drawing i can not describe it clearly in English.
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Downloading the program now !

Cant seem to see anything that will help on your website but your work is amazing! you should definitely get a video done. well done