Lamborghini Murciélago Reventón

$3.5 Million dollars will get you 641bhp and a big ass box to ship it in.

Upon seeing the link about the uncrating of a Lamborghini Murciélago Reventón I was curious to see if the designers at Lamborghini went through the meticulous details of designing not only the car but the packagaging as well:

Aside from the sheeps clothing its covered with, it was pretty much anti-climactic. Some images with details of the crating material may have redeemed my judgement…but oh, well.

I’ll entertain my thoughts with the owner converting the crate material to wood pellets for their central heating furnace which will help offset the carbon footprint of those sticky 335’s tearing up the pavement. :wink:

For more information concerning this beast:

And a handy link for converting your duckets…

Reference about wood pellets for you die hard I.D. fans that read this far: