Lamborghini Egoista

Talk amongst yourselves.

I’m sure it’s invisible to command-and-control radar, but I sure wouldn’t want to have to wash it every week and pick the bugs out of all those crevices. But then that’s what the chauffeur is supposed to do in his spare time, isn’t it? :wink:

Love the name; Egoista, celebrating your own 50th year.

Personally, I think they tried too hard. But hey, you’re only fifty once.

Top view is great.

Interesting and attractive in an attack-helicopter-turned-automobile kinda way. Hopefully not too serious of a reflection on the Lambo brand as a whole.

It is super sci fi. Great as a one off concept.

  • Top view: Speed Racer.
    Ugly as sin.
    Never saw clay in its development, came straight off a screen. Lamborghini has perfected the aesthetic heritage that removes real world surface refinement necessity that restricts other makers.

Killer… just noticed the red and green navigation lights on the roof, and the lo-viz graphics on the doors (For Emergency Rescue - Break Glass). All it needs now it the ubiquitous SCCA “If you can read this, please turn me over” stickers. :wink:

Hopefully not too serious of a reflection on the Lambo brand as a whole.

They would seem to be moving this direction.




Sesto Elemento

So is grey/orange combo hot again?

Looks like the volume knob for Lambo design is stuck on 11. I suppose if you’re gonna do outrageous then it makes semse to go all the way…

I for one LOVE this.

(Like I usually dig everything that Walter daSilva does, and I hate to be a fanboy of anyone but Madonna.)

We as a design community often moan about our customers being to tame, not going all the way.
Well, you can’t complain about Lambo in that regard, can you? Concentrating the long standing angled
stealth fighter theme into that Egoista is really brilliant for a celebration!

It has to be bonkers, it is a Lambo after all!


I’m not a fan, but you make a great point mo-i. I’m not going to bash it, and I’m glad it’s out there. It is a very impressive piece of sheet metal and carbon fiber. I’m sure in person it’s amazing.

I completely agree with Wallflower and Moi - it is just what a Lamborghini SHOULD be. Audacious, over the top, crazy, wild and we all would love to hop in and give it a try.

The famous, late, automotive literary David E Davis Jr once said of Lamborghini…if you came upon most any Lamborghini in an alley and had to use it to get home it would invoke nervousness and fear and make you wonder if you really could control something so visceral. Here, here!

I, for one, would take this thing out to get a gallon of milk on any given day.


  1. At times, I have thought seriously about painting Gretchen radar absorbing flat black but found that it has to be reapplied regularly. So instead she has some underpinnings that help avoid detection otherwise :slight_smile:
  2. I enjoy the occasional flashy expression of oneself as an escape from everyday boredom.

With these latest concepts (and very-short-run production versions) the VW Group is telling the world that Lamborghini is more than happy to take on the ultra-rich clients who want what no one else has - it’s no coincidence that Jay Leno, Michael Jordan, etc prefer Lamborghini to Ferrari. They can have exactly what they want, as wild or tame as they’d like it to be.

Ferrucio would be proud.

+1 absolutely agree with all of this. Walter da Silva can’t do wrong. He did the A5, that awesome Leica, fixed the VW line, and now oversees all this stuff. Think of how the Countach was perceived in the 70’s or 80’s or whenever. It HAS to be bonkers.

I liked how in Zero Dark Thirty the CIA guy takes the Kuwaiti contact to a Lambo dealer in the middle of the night. “Is this a Balboni? F*** me…”

Silvio Berlusconi’s Wednesday commuter car?

No. Please no :slight_smile:

I like this as a concept, for a movie or something. But since Lamborghini seems to really be moving in this direction I am losing interest in the brand. Maybe for a small target market…but I just miss the beauty of the older ones.

Modern Man is not made bored by this car and has extra respect for Walter da Silva.

In fact, Modern Man is amused by the port and starboard navigational running lights on the top. (and nxakt’s comment above.)

Modern Man rhetorically questions when the grey/orange combo ever stopped being hot.

I wonder why cars are one of the few categories to defy the ‘as it gets more advanced on the inside, it should look simpler on the outside’ standard. I kind of wonder what could be if they went minimal again, but maintained some of this flavor and attitude.

When was Lamborghini ever minimal?

Other than the excessive use of cheese slicers,

Way back before I was born. =)