Lambo wing from hell

Lamborghini must be hard up for development money now that Porsche owns them (Porsche owns VW who owns Audi who runs Lamborghini). The Italians have gone shopping at Pep Boys for the wing on their new Murcielago SV:

Ugh! I really don’t like the direction they are taking Lamborghini. I loved the Murcielago when it first came out and everything that has come since has been disappointing. I truly hope that that is not the final look of that wing.

That is such an out of place wing!!! A ricer LP640…it’s a shame.

PS:Porsche owns VW???

Porsche owns a controlling share of VW, yes.

I thought the wing might have been for one test mule, but it’s the same one on all of the test mules. Autocar also reported it will have a fixed wing in order to save weight and complexity from a movable wing. I hope that someone designs it a bit more before production.

This isn’t the first time they’ve dabbled in hideous wing designs… even seen this countach with not one but TWO spoilers?!?


That second wing is worse than hideous… it appears to be non-functional. Notice that is has a symmetrical cross section and no angle of attack.

The car was made uglier on purpose.