Lady's shoes w. realistic materials? ai & ps

Hi All-

Does anyone have suggestions or know of tutorials that will help me learn to make realistic materials specifically for heels/wedges/platforms?

Specifically a cork wedge or leather stack heel in different colors. I know how to make the illustrations in AI and use fills, but I don’t know how to make my own textures and plug them in.

I don’t know if this helps, but sometimes what I’ll do is go into PS open a new doc, and apply a pattern overlay layer style. Tweak it until I like what I see, then save as a jpeg. Then I just place it into my AI file and apply a clipping mask.

Not entirely sure if this is what youre asking for, but maybe someone else can find it useful.

There is a post by Flight about half way down the page with the technique I started out with. (Thanks flight)

thanks for the info guys. i will try and work with that for now. open to other ways of learning to do it as well, especially since i don’t have scanned images of cork or leather stacks.

Just google some large cork images/swatches.

Yeah, I just photograph swatch cards, get a sheet of stack veneer and photo it, or get something off Google and use that.