Lady Jane. Marc Sandler

i would buy this lamp. Anyone knows where i can buy this lamp?

You buy something like this online or only in a design shop?


Weirdest first post ever.

A quick goolge search of the name in the subject reveals you are talking about Marc Sadler.

I’d buy it for $35.95 at Ikea.

heheh :laughing:

I was curious. This one’s not bad, but not that good either

I assume you are referring to this lamp…

There is no way I would buy it based on that image. It looks like a naked guy holding onto a giant penis.

thanks for the information!

I thought it was a foot tall (35cm) from this photo. No idea it is 6 feet tall! $119.95 at ikea. 1800 euros…are you smokin’ boy?

I’m glad to see the final form changed. I wouldn’t pay that much for that lamp.