Ladies Athletic Footwear Portfolio

Hello Fellas,

And I say “Fellas” with a grain of salt, but there sure are a lot of men around here. SO, from a Lady ID’er I’d love some critical portfolio feedback. I’m passionate about athletic footwear and currently building my portfolio and trying to break into the footwear industry, just like all the other competitors out there.

Here are a few samples attached and my Coroflot Profile with more product/work/concept pieces.

Please be honest and critical because it will only make me better, stronger, and faster! Plus, I’d really like to get out there in the footwear world as a voice from the ladies side.

Thank you!



Thanks for posting. You’ve got some fantastic stuff on your coroflot portfolio.
I like this whatever it is…

The graves coffee maker is also sweet.

On the shoe work, I’d like to see more sketches at the level of that top right black one.

Right now everything on your boards has the same level of dominance. I’d work on making one or two images the first read by use of size, composition, and color, and let the other sketches and inspiration images support the main thing you want viewers to see. Did that make sense? Each board is like a movie. You have your leading actors who get the most lines, you supporting actors, and your extras.

These have a bit more flavor:

There are some great ideas on the winter boot page, but the sketches are just dying because the line-weight is so feint and stiff, and the inspiration images are so dominant.

These are awesome! I’d take the bottom right sketch out, or make it smaller and add a few others.

I like that you used your rowing experience to design a product as well. Awesome stuff! Don’t be afraid to make the athletic shoes (like the Puma page you did) just as sleek as your other stuff. I’d also like to see more exploration on the outsoles. I’d like to see what you would do with a performance basketball shoe… … …

So are you back at school at Parsons?


Thank you very much for the productive feedback.

I’ll go to work on everything you mentioned. One additional question I have is whether or not to do perspective or flats. Coming from ID most is sketched in perspective, but then when I tlak to footwear people, everyone says they do flats since that is what is sent to factories. ?? I gues both, right?

So, basketball, sure, for men, women, both? Cool, I’ll work on that.

Yes, I’m at Parsons - soaking it all in!

Cheers - KN