Lacoste job UK

Anyone know what Pentland is like to work for?

Actually was just speaking to an ex-Pentland employee yesterday. They said it’s a super awesome work environment, on the water, with modern offices, fully gym, cafe, and other goodies. I’ve never been there myself by she said it was amazing.


hey Notke…its a great company to work with…go for it!!!

I worked there for almost ten years, for almost every brand!

Good points: nice offices, lakeside location, not in the coolest part of London or central (in zone 4) which can make your monthly travel expensive if you commute in, but it is on the tube network, (it’s a Jewish neighbourhood which is also a popular place for Japanese ex pats to live therefore good sushi and bagels!). Fsmily run business as opposed to plc. Opportunity to move to other brands, if you are good, they really don’t want you to leave the group as a whole. (I really embraced this!).
Has a good subsidised staff restaurant and a coffee bar.

I started working here at Pentland over 2months ago. Really loving it
The Lacoste job is working on there Club & Sport footwear

I interned at Pentland last summer.
Real nice offices, have a real nice feel to them. Gym is cool too, hotmix, they got the swimming pool built yet?

The only downside to it all is the location like shoenista mentioned. Though Finchley is a nice place and it could be a lot worse

thanks guys, great info!

they look like a cool company to work for, found these videos on the net too. i like their attitude to the brands…

im a ways off getting a uk work visa at the moment so probably wont be applying for this one. also pretty happy where i am right now too.

2nd question:

does anyone know how hard it is to get visa sponsorship from an employer over there? apparently its pretty tough to get sponsored at the moment because of the local job market…

any info would be appreciated, cheers.