LA salary

What would be a decent salary for an entry level industrial designer in LA?

I’ve checked out Coroflot and the other salary survey places… and it seems like I could be asking for 40-50k? Can anyone “confirm” that this would be a good price to negotiate with? Or would I be living in a cardboard box? :slight_smile:

my experience is that you should be asking in the lower $40k range… and depending on the “popularity” of the firm you might even have to go in the upper $30k (mostly for consultancies)

if you check out the idsa compensation survey the numbers are actually a little lower for entry lvl compared to coroflot’s

but there are so many variables to salary negotiations… experience/skills/company profile/urgency… the list goes on.

good luck!

but does that still apply to living in cities like LA, Chicago, and NY?

to some extent salaries “should” be higher, but competition for the same job is higher in NYC, LA, etc… then let’s say wisconsin therefore companies can afford to give less.

So when they say, “what would it take to have you here?” (LA job)

I should respond with 38-45k? Or would they shut the door in my face?

ok i would say $42-45k but expect more around $40k… shoot always a little high… again depends on the company… just don’t ask $50k cause you’ll be laughed at

i would shoot for $50k but i don’t know your skillset. is insurance offered? relocation? what kind of benefits are included?

when i moved here from the southeast, i shot high and had to come back a bit. after checking with the salaries from this site, i’m making above-average pay. after looking at the benefits, relocation and bonuses, it all comes out to a bit more than i originally pitched. corporations generally offer a bit more compensation than firms and concultantcies.

i live in orange county, work in orange county. if you work in LA, you’re going to want to live as close to work as you can stomach. expect housing prices to be pretty high. other items revolving around transportation of the motorized kind is pretty pricey too: gas, car insurance, etc…

My skillset for this job I think are pretty high. It is more of a specific job (I don’t want to say what it is on here - yet) and I have a minor that will definitely help me out.

If anyone else wants to pipe in I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for the input so far!

is the job in LA or orange county? just wondering if you’re applying for a position the company i work for has posted.

the job isn’t in Orange County :slight_smile:

Ooooooo- this is getting good. The old ‘Alias’- who is where game???

Nice guys… reaaaal Nice.

Have you asked the company for the salary range for the position?

Most HR dept.s should give you an idea of the range they are looking in, but normally will be quite vague (ie. “depends on candidate/experience”. Still, its in their best interest to give you an idea of what they are willing to shel out for, to avoid spending time on candidates that expect higher…


People I know maks way more than 40K. including myself…

I would try to get at least 45k but if you ask for 50 you better have the skills to back it up. The only reason I say this is if you start at 30 and plan on eating and living in LA than you might want to find a job somewhere else. It is important to gauge your expenses and if you plan on living alone or with a roommate because I live in orange county and pay 1,200 for rent. And my friends in LA long beach area pay 600 a person average with 2 or more roommates. You can make it on 40-45 most likely unless you have an expensive significant other (joking). just get more than 30 and you will be fine.