La MDF chair, really?

Thought I’d follow up and say I sat in it at ICFF, not so comfortable at all. Thank core for giving this so much attention- it was over to the side at sixinch’s booth and I wouldn’t have even noticed it as a piece if I hadn’t seen the post.

i saw that too, that chair is completely worthless. terrible form and layout, and flagrant use of CNC capability where none is required by the design. not too mention MDF is a boorish material, but then again, i guess in that sense, its a fitting use.

note to self: i really need to get my own work into this show next year, because if this type of work is representative of the standard, mine would blow people away

CNC’d MDF chair is less than or equal to…

I would love to have a carbon fiber toilet. Carbon fiber rules. I wouldn’t pay for it though.

I don’t think the MDF chair would be all that bad if it folded and wasn’t actually CNC’d. But, the hard edged sofa on the site totally blows. Who would buy that? A guy made out of Lego’s?

ah yes, the toilet reminds me of the ralph lauren carbon fiber chair. cf1.
the carbon fiber bits are ussually painted which makes me scratch my head. a $12,000 CF char that has the cool bits painted? why not just make it out of metal? or wood? or his over priced golf gear…but then that be like droog design minus the cool beans factor with the addition of jerk-ass intent

To have the carbon fiber look, you need extensive labor to make sure the molds are flawless, if not it’ll require paint and/or other means to hide the flaws. That’s why most production carbon fiber parts usually has a carbon fiber adhesive skin on the outside to achieve the carbon fiber look.

yep, a friend of mine designed the Jeep Hurricane concept… it is all carbon fiber. They were going to paint it, but it accidentally came out of the molds looking great, so they left it… hard to rely on that in production though…

But that doesn’t remove the jerk factor of that chair KERFcut. :wink: