Kyle Cittadino-

hey everybody, i just launched my portfolio website last night. please if you would give me some feedback and let me know what you think. changes can be made very easily so dont hesitate to say anything or nitpick…i give you full permission to tear it apart. feedback can be givin either here or on the contact form within the site. its linked right to my gmail.

go to and enjoy!

p.s this is a flash site so sorry to those of you using an ipad to browse core. i am working on a mobile version of the site as well.


Kyle Cittadino

59 people have looked at it and no one has anything to say, anything people, any feedback, good or bad, is welcome

Hey Kyle,

Just a few things after perusing your site:

Are you trying to make some sort of statement by using comic sans on your home and bio pages? If not, I would suggest changing it. It looks like you are using Georgia and helvetica (i think) for other parts, which is fine. Maybe you were trying to use something that feels like it belongs with your logo?

It looks like you have some nice stuff going on with the brace, but I wanted to see more. Same goes for project two. I would much rather see more process on your projects than three different shower caddy sections (just my opinion). Perhaps some sort of downloadable part that adds some more depth to your projects?

I don’t have much else to add…

Yes, the Comic Sans struck me as well right away. If you use the most ridiculed/hated font around, you better do it deliberately. But the fact that we have to ask probably suggests that you should reconsider it.

I am really not a big fan of Flash sites but as far as yours goes, it is pretty easy to navigate. But I can see how restricted you are by the format.
Along the lines of Erik, I think that your projects give way to little info. Project ‘two’ for example has quite a few call-outs but they are so small which renders them unreadable and teases as well as frustrates the viewer.
Same goes for project ‘three’. You have a collage of sketches, yet they are so small that one can only guess what’s on them.

Maybe you could reconsider the one-slide-per-project rule you got going one right now. I doubt that it gives you enough room to really convey the more complex projects while for shower accessories it might be fine. Then again, shower accessories are not that exciting.

I am often put off by bios written in the third person, your is no exception and the copy and generally casual feel of the website combined with the third person bio make this feel even more awkward.

  • not sure why, I was particularly bothered by, “He has since moved to Wilmington Delaware and is a professional Industrial Designer.” it sounds like a friend or relative who talked to you a year or so ago giving a friend an update or something.

I would agree with a lot of the feedback from above, particularly showing all the bathroom caddies and wall storage, I would say pick one or two of the best/most different to highlight. I would also agree that showing more process would really help engage me, instead I found myself quickly flipping from one thing to the next and I was done and ready to move on before I knew it. There was nothing to really stop me and make me think, engage me, etc it just all seems very surface level and I know that there was more that went into the thinking there, so let’s see it.

now thats what im talking about…thank you guys so much for your feedback! i will use it as a jump off point and go from there. first thing to go…comic sans hahah. its gone! the reason there are so many shower caddies is cause thats what im designing now at my company. i know not exciting at all, thats why i made the site, its coming up on 4 years this august that ive been here and i would like to get the ball rolling on a change of venues so to speak.

what do you think about putting a resume in under the bio section? along with getting rid of the 3rd person haha.

In my opinion, I would lose the bio section. Perhaps you can put a small statement or description about yourself in your resume? Or maybe just have the resume below your bio. The changed font looks better, by the way.