Already posted in the death watch, but I noticed something in the BBC article on the SAAB sale to Koenigsegg:

Koenigsegg was founded 16 years ago by Christian Koenigsegg, and its principal backer is the Norwegian industrial designer Baard Eker.

An IDer will be in a key position in an automake! Wow. Check out his portfolio here:

I have to say, a little spotty. Looks like some good mechanical ID thinking, hit and miss on aesthetics and detailing.

The Koenigsegg CCX itself is kinda typical supercar. Not a lot of detailing on the outside. The keep-it-simple approach to car design that is fitting for a Scandinavian make. It will be interesting to see the influence they have over SAAB which has been getting increasingly ornate.

So right out of the gate the guy’s got Van Halen “Right Now”… was Coldplay “Clocks” not available?

I had the sound off on my computer…I’m sorry I missed that!

Yeah. -25 cool points for him.