known Issues: SW on Mac Book Pro Intel Core 2 Duo

Hello SW users. I’m looking to purchase a Mac Book Pro Intel Core 2 Duo system but have some concerns around how well Solidworks Office Pro 2006 will integrate. It would be great to hear critical feedback from other users that are currently running SW in this environment.

I think a lot of us are interested in this benchmark.

I reluctantly left the Mac and drifted to the dark side about 7 years ago because of the lack of Mac 3-D CAD software. I may go back if Solidworks is fast on an Intel Mac.

Do a search…this has been covered many times over in these here forums. i have boot camp running on a MBP and Solidworks 2006 runs wonderfully.

thanks - started out with a search and came across a pointless debate on syntax and its relevance on a thread. More than anything, just looking for a quick thumbs up or thumbs down from other users. And…if there are any critical issues that are known it would be helpful to hear about these as well.