Know of any online resources on the TYPES of packaging?

Hello, I am compiling a presentation of the different styles of packaging (Blister, Cardstock hanging, boxed, ect)

Does anyone know of any good resources online that have this information already compiled? Thanks!

Here’s a good place to start, and to use as reference in your compiling. If you have a specific term or type of packaging to look up, this will be really helpful.

Packaging Digest also has a lot of info, and the “Materials and Supplies” section is broken down in a way that might help guide you.

Thats great! Thanks!

I’m not sure if these fit the criteria but I often reference these sites from time to time.


I also use the links mentioned above but don’t know of a good website listing all available options, and acting as a kind of decision making tool for designers/developers.

I would advise also to do a Google query with some keywords and then add filetype:pdf or filetype:ppt

Now, having received some of our input, could you share your presentation with us? I’m sure it will be very helpful!