Know of any Good Pro/e Tutorials?

I almost started this with HELP URGENT, SKY IS FALLING!!! OMG lol

anyway, does anyone know of any good pro/e wildfire tutorials? I am trying to educate myself. I got the free trial, and will be going through those, but you know it helps.

The books are kind of expensive, but I’ve used them and feel that they are worth it. You can get them here.

I’ve never used these, but their Pro/E book claims to be tailored for designers:

What a joke this pro/e is, I’ve tried installing this trial on two different machines, and both times it fails to install a bunch of files. If they don’t want you to try the damn thing out, don’t bother putting it up for grabs. No wonder solidworks is kicking these people around. Somehow I think Ill still figure out how to work on without it.

Don’t even bother trying to call them up. Apparently they already have plenty of customers, and don’t care to be contacted.

Youtube might be a good resource for learning Pro/ENGINEER if you do not plan on taking classes or workshop… however a large portion are in Chinese.

Design engine has two places where we publish youtube videos. I give away more modeling techniques than step by step instruction.l

There are hundreds of videos for Catia, solidworks, unigraphics too…

You would get much farther in a short time by taking a class.

and if any of you guys are in Los Angeles this next week. I speak Wednesday at the PTC world conference. Wed I will compare Alias Studio g2 continuity and functionality to Pro/E wildfire 4.0 and suggest modeling technique for designers and engineers.

If anyone would care I would publish some of what I will discuss after the conference here. In my talk will kick PTC a little to quit looking at SW for future development and opt instead to be the innovators that set them apart in the first place. I will quote some of the PLATO Allegory (check wikipedia if you don’t know) and suggest that the true light is in innovation with respect to new user work flow and tools innovation and modeling technique.

For example in Pro/E or Solidworks users cant do what many think is simple… rebuilding the curve to a higher order. Degree 5 curve is common place in Rhino.