KnifeForkSpoon - Please crit me up

I’m working on finishing and compiling a project I started about a month ago. I’d like to hear anything you have to say. I’m just going to keep posting images.

concept1 -

concept 2

lovin concept 2

Concept 1 is pretty clean and safe and fairly well resolved except the tines on the fork seem to be unresolved in their current squared off and proportionally short representation. You may also want to revisit the transition curves from the handle to head of the spoon and keep it wider and smoother like on the fork, as the fork and knife seem less “pinched” there than the spoon.

Concept 2 has some interesting stuff going on, but could bare to be more formally cohesive as a family.
The Fork and Spoon have some degree of commonality, but I fail to see how the knife fits with them. I am also wondering why the handle taper on the spoon is so much more dramatic than the fork and why the spoon blends more from handle to head and the fork is hard and angular. I guess I would take it more one way or the other and not both then try to make a knife that more coherently speaks to that direction.
-I would also check the surface continuity of the bend where the handle and head of the fork and spoon meet, as (particularly in the fork) I the reflection would tend to indicate a transition of Tangent or lower, due to the way the reflection and edge lines tend to indicate a tight bend where I think you may want a larger, smoother, and more subtle one.

keep up the good work, keep posting


Yes the transition areas proved to be the most challenging ( as they always are) I will revisit the tine proportions - this one to me was also the least interesting - i was thinking about throwing down some material or texture break ( see sketches above with green )

Yes, the knife is off. I have some ideas about how im going to bring it in, I’ll post when i make the changes. - and yeah - those surface continuity things are going to be the key as i tighten it up.
thank you so much for your detailed response. what do you think of 3?

mh, the concepts are hard to judge since cutlery is all about proportion, weight and maybe most of all, balance.

since we can’t "feel’ the models, I can’t really say which I like,
The first 2 concepts just look way to georg jensen, in my opinion. I responded positively towards concept 3 but am asking myself, where is the innovation?

what is the purpose of yet another set of cutlery that, no offense, looks like a lot like what is already out there?

maybe you can twist it a little more to make it stand out and give it more personality. Materials choice, added function…

I agree that I would need too feel it to really make a decision. As a food guy myself, I love to cook and entertain, but I would never buy a knife that I have not picked up and gotten a feel for.

On the other hand I do not agree that there is no innovation in concept 3. You have a very “stealth” like approach to the design which I think is very interesting. I think it is very contemporary with still a traditional look and feel. If I were to choose on looks alone I would chose concept three.

I do have to say thought that the form looks like it may be a bit uncomfortable when eating. Just something to think about.

Yes. thats right, but before i spend hours making some models that i can judge weight, balance and physical proportion, I need something to aim for. Thats the stage im at now.

right… well i wasn’t going for a functional innovation - something fresh looking though - Looking back now at george jensen i see where you’re coming from. -

Thats a valid question. The purpose of another set of cutlery is to produce something new and fresh in an over-iterated playing feild, and thus excersise my skills as a young product designer. (btw you don’t have to say things like “no offense” i don’t offend easily, your honesty is helpful)

yes… materials and texture (and color) is where im going next with this… at this point I want to choose a form to develop further… thank you.

Yeah… i thought that too… I’ll have to evaluate that after i make some models… thanks.

That’s great!!! I would love to see the models. Being the one that hosts Thanksgiving every year this is something I would put on my table if it worked. Good Luck!!!

some good work here, i like what is happening at the sketch stage where you are exploring many different forms and seeing how they match up. also, you show some 3d sketches with some interesting grip developments. i very much agree with idiot’s comments, i think refining some proportions, keeping commonality and maybe some surface breaks/textures could really help take the concepts further. concept 3 is getting closer to this. i like this contemporary and fluid style of the knife in concept 3 but i would be concerned about the weight/balance of the fork and spoon : mind that ‘belly’ proportion, it looks a little heavy.

bepster has some good points about innovation and added function(if that is an area that interests you…). for example, in your 3d sketches at the beginning, there are some interesting surface breaks on some the colour sketches, maybe these could me removable grips allowing different colour grip options. different grip options could also inspire the development of cutlery for older people or people who have arthritic hands with special grip needs. you have some dramatic form profiles in you concepts, especially on some of the spoon sketches, maybe this area could somehow be pivoted or bendable to customise the angle for the individual user’s eating experience…i dunno, just some random ideas…

Agreed. That handle does need to come in a bit. And yeah, like you said, everyhting needs to be tightened up, and made more cohesive.

huh… good ideas. I like the adjustability idea - makes me think of that memory metal stuff. Imagine adjusting your spoon to fit your hand, then you throw it in the dishwasher and the heat resets the original form. As for the color thing: I’m not too down with removable parts for color’s sake - but interesting.
im gona let it simmer for a bit, hopefully get some sketching in tonght. - thanks pojo.

cool, Concept 3 is my favorite so far

1 is okay, but safe
2 is a little georg jensen as bepster mentioned

But 3 is kinda new atleast to me in this category, some of
the angles may be a bit severe, but that may also be what kind
of excites me about it. I would probably stay away from two-tone, texture might be interesting. I’ve seen some cool stuff with bi-directional brush patterns as experimental finishes, but I would also say that Concept 3 already has a lot going on formally, so texture play may distract from the interesting forms.

I would always encourage you to try to find ways to innovate, but would warn against doing something that may end up a little on the gimmicky side.

yes, ok good. i don’t want to continue down the safe road at this point. -
So on concept 2 do you think if i changed that spoon up so the transition into the bowl wasn’t so wide it would have less of that 50’s look?..
I may just drop that one and only continue on 3… we’ll see…

yeah i hear what your saying here. I might just render some out in different materials\textures just to see what i think - i am afraid though about using color- or two tone like you said, with such an angular peice too… maybe for a set of children’s flatware… but this is meant to be sophisticated. again, i guess i’ll find out after i expirament.

yeah, totally, i didn’t want to make a spoon\coffee grinder here.
at this point i’ve narrowed the scope down and it dowsn’t include any functional innovations - however hopefully it will look and feel and work very well… thats the goal at least. thanks again for your help.

Concerning Concept 2, I think if you take the more angular approach of the fork and apply it to the spoon it would get you further away from the Jensen look, and/or narrow that transition as you mentioned.

Sounds like you’ve got the right idea.

Sometimes that is all we can do, and if we can do that we should feel satisfied.
glad to help out


I liked the idea of adding chamfer surface to flat surface which is prominately visible in knife (concept 3)…

But some more interpretation/exploration is required in this concept/style.

I belive that for this kind of product, design get justified at 3D level than sketching.

hope to see more…

Dont know if this is already been posted but

As the visual part is nice or maybe nice a large part of eating is done by the mouth.
We had to do a project at the Art academy where we had to make avery thing for a dinner also the plate/food holder and the cup/glass/liquidholder.

Part what i did with the Spoon and fork is go to a shop and buy (next to what I had at home) soem different shapes and put them in my mouth and eat with them just to see what looked and felt fine. It is very interesting that some spoons did not work well with soup but work in other areas. And some looked nice but where a pain to eat with.

So go ahead and try you have to eat anyway.