Kitchen appliance set

Its final work at my school, its Kitchen apliance set. Modeling and designing is finished, now i have to do nice presentation poster. So i would like to ask for advices, or some nice examples of fine product presentation posters. thanks

I have doubts regarding your choice of surface treatment. Everything is matte, and therefore there is no indication of differentiation of material change, and definitely isn’t convincing looking… I know it’s a model, but the role of models is to convince isn’t it?

Depends on what you want to convey through your poster. I’d usually take a photo of my models with white background with good lighting(sunlight on a slightly cloudy day is the easiest and best). Then bring it into p-shop, adjust the levels and get rid of the background(leave the shadows alone). Most of the time, people think that my photos are from CAD rendering. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I kinda like it.

The best model photos I’ve ever taken is done in a lightbox chamber kind of thing. Basically, you put your model in a chamber with equal amount of light shining through the environment and little editing was needed. You get sweet reflections on glossy surfaces too.

Layout wise, I’d suggest focusing on the main appliance that you intend to be the main character…one that can represent the theme, like the power drill in a powertool line up.

thanks for advices, do you thing some glossy materials can give it better look?

ps: its actually 3dmax model, vray render, so i can change materials very easy

I was working on it so long time, so i forgot to make some nice plastic material.

I added glossines and now it looks more realistic i think

Here are final renders, poster-making awaits

those look much better!

They definitely look much better. One of the areas that bug me are the controls, they look very generic. It would be great to go through a brand exercise as well.

Quite long time passed, but anyway, here is final presentation poster, printed at 100 x 70 cm (27.8 × 39.4 in) size

thanks for sharing this project khalid,

I found ideation sketches on hdd, so i made a one-pic compilation,
hope you’ll enoy it

I find the forms interesting but at the same time theres is something that I don’t like and I don’t know if it’s because of the render, or my personal taste.

The lines remind me of a car design for being a little curved and also the object is “bubbly” if you understand what I mean. What makes it that I personally would choose my kitchen appliances to be somewhat boxy with a varied line orientation. That is of course depending on the kitchen theme and i would opt for a modern looking kitchen.

For the render, it makes me think of the 70’s. It’s probably because of the choice of colors. They are a little faded and I am not a big fan of beige as it makes me think of dirty white. The orange could have been a little more saturated and the gray either darker or lighter, because that gray reminds me of “non-materialized 3d objects”.

I tried to be as constructive as possible, I hope i didnt offend you in any way but I was just giving my opinion to help you make better choices in the future. You could ignore my comments based on the fact that I am just a student, but if you want, take it as a consumer’s point of view. I know that in a more advanced level which I haven’t studied yet, that maybe you chose the forms and colors thinking about the end-users.

I would be glad if I helped in any way.


Thx for you points, dont be so humble : ) . Every comment is important and customers point of wiew is what we exactly needs. Its nice that our ‘‘design’’ is widely appreciated by designers, but customers desire is what we need.

I am a bit confused by this one. This is a damn fine student project.

Who was the target user for this project? Did you have a brief you were to design to or was this just a free-for-all?

Part of the reason you’re getting focus on your colors as opposed to the damn fine design work you’ve done here is that you’ve left it open to purely subjective criticism. You have abstract, if not completely personally biased comments, about color and controls being “too simple” because the only thing left to comment on are these subjective issues.

For example, I sit and look at your designs and I love the colors and the overall design of product. I was particularly drawn to the simplicity of the controls. You have a strong identity throughout the whole product family and you’re sketching skill and exploration of form within that group is great.

So, to my point, I might not be in your target market group. Who are you selling to? That kind of discussion, along with a board or three describing the mood, buying habits, and current trends for those markets helps to reduce…if not focus…the criticism.

Nice thumb page, I wish more people showed this stuff.

I think ip brings up a lot of great points above that will help guide the discussion. A couple of bullet points go a long way.

well its kind of consumer/designer point of view :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx much.

I havent certain targed user, but i think it should be a family, or anyone who likes good temper in kitchen, someone who is enjoying cooking.

I havent any specific brief than “Kitchen Appliance Set” , but my personal goal was, to make something “Pleasant”. Not elegant, modern or stunning, just pleasant. The colour scheme result from it. Beige with orange, are plesant colours fitting to kitchen, grey parts make nice contrast, highlighting warm colors even more.

To tell the truth, i should think more about trends and market stuff, but i dont like following some schemata, im trying not to do things that are trendy, im focusing on quality of design (idea, proportions, function and sense)

YO: these sketches adont have hight quality at all, bad lineweight, weak perspective, fuzzy lines, but they helped me lot, it base of this work.
I just want to note, that sketches neednt to be perfect, if they help you find the right way.

This isn’t a matter of doing something that is “trendy”. It is a matter of doing something that is logical and reducing the ability for others to tear your design apart.

Some examples of discussions you will need to know how to diffuse very quickly within a design review with upper management or at:

How does your design fit current kitchen interior design trends? You do nothing to prove that fact to me or anyone else looking at your designs.

What if I don’t like orange? I find orange to be obnoxious and loud? That would never fit in my kitchen. How do you address that?

Get used to doing this whether it is required of you or not. Your design must relate to something. Designing for “family or someone who enjoys cooking” doesn’t fly. It is far too broad.

Marketing, and who you are selling this too are integral to your design. You need to learn now that to get past Marketing and others that don’t “get” design, you absolutely, positively must start rationalizing this kind of stuff.

I like the overall shape. However, the color treatments and controls bug me a little. The colors and controls remind me of power tools. If you were intentionally going for a masculine feel, you succeeded. Otherwise, I think just by a different color combo (possibly even material suchas chrome or Stainless Steel Accents) would do wonders for this.

Great job overall.