Kirei Tesselate Collection

Designing for designers is always an interesting challenge. It was great to work with Kirei on this 5 product collection for acoustic wall and ceiling products made from 60% recycled PET. This collection was all about playing with light in a way that would also boost acoustic performance. All of these products reduce the ambient sound and reverberations in a room and are typically used in big open offices, large restaurants, large hotel ballrooms and foyers, atriums, big lobbies etc.

Design Milk wrote a piece about it which was great:

Contributions included product strategy, industrial design, creative direction, product/collection naming, and for every launch I do for Kirei (this is the seventh one I think) I make a little playlist that they send to customers and the sales reps… it is a fun little touch that they seem to like.

A little more about it:

First sketch of that Tesselate baffle. We had to evolve the design a lot for production as with many things, but the idea is there in this early presentation sketch:

An early Dash tile render:

A mid phase Texture and dash tile render:

some Tesselate and Polygon Cloud product CAD:

Working through details…

Thinking about installations:

It is a fun category to work in. It is nice to have long term clients. I’ve been working with them for over 4 years now.

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I repost it to the planet centred design thread

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A little recap on the showroom installation at Neo Con last week for this collection. It was nice to see it at the show all installed :slight_smile:

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