King of Kong Wiebe record attempt LIVE!

You guys aren’t really doing anything at work today, right? Watch Steve Wiebe attempt to break the world record Donkey Kong score.

And in case you haven’t already seen it, stop what you are doing and rent King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters

Watching that makes me want to break out the 20-sided die an slay some Orcs!

is wiebe the normal “family man” guy from the doc? if so i so hope he does it.
That other dude with the long hair is such a d-bag, after the one guy breaks the record he comes in with a vhs tape of himself breaking the record in his basement or something. that documentary is great, watched it about a year ago.

Wiebe didn’t make it yesterday. He got to about 950000 and reached the kill screen. Billy Mitchell’s record is 1050000, via VHS tape. Lame.

The movie is absolutely great. My wife thought I was crazy until she watched it and started crying at the end of it (she was pregnant so she was a little emotional)

I love rooting for the guy, but I hope Wiebe never gets it. It’s just a great Charlie Brown-esque story.