Kids Wristband - Best Material for Overmolding


I am wondering what the best material would be to use as a wristband for young children. It needs to fully enclose a PCB enclosure, probably by overmolding. It also needs a high quality look and feel, non transparent and colorable and printable (logos/graphics). For reference, check Disney’s Magicband:

This is overmolded TPU, and meant to be worn only for a few days and then disposed of. I am wondering if this material would also be suited for more long term use, mechanically (take into account biting/chewing) but also hygienically. Is there another interesting material besides TPU, maybe a high strength silicone grade?

Any tips greatly appreciated!


Things like the Nike fuel band use TPE if I’m not mistaken…although if it can be chewed on I would be nervous about any kind of overmolded flex.

Nike fuelband is TPE from GLS corp. COntact them they can answer these questions

Food grade silicone might be a good option to investigate - products for kids and pets are becoming very strictly controlled via the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Best material for Wristbands is Natural Rubber.