kids bike rendering

Hey all,

didnt want to stick this in projects cause its not a project, just messing around with rendering in photoworks version 2.

Anyway, whatdya think?

Good looking rendering. My only criticism would be to work on the blacks in the tires. There’s really no contrast between the tires and any details like treads, etc. Also, I’d work to lighten that cast shadow…the dark black actually blends into the tires.

Otherwise, good job. :slight_smile:

this is not a nice as you alarm clock, here some suggestions

for the tires, in the material properties, under illumination, theres a smooth-rough bar. roughen up the material, and bump of the glossiness & reflectivity, then the tires will pop right out. the material should be rubber (plastics-misc.-rubber)

the metal up front looks good, but in back, looks like a different material. you can select parts in the manager tree, then toggle to the material tree, right click on the metal already assigned and choose attached to selections. this way all you metals match.

you’re killin’ me with the gradiant, and where’s the decals, get a number on the number plate, and maybe a sweet logo on the frame. (and not in PS) :smiley:

show us the revision please

Hmm the rear tubular frame should be bent not butted and welded. Not only does this option look sharp it is more expensive than a simpler series of bends in the rear,

Far too many sharps for a Childs toy

DREAMCRUSHER :exclamation: :exclamation:


here a revised version. cleaned up the ligthing and shadow issues but there something i dont get with decals so i did the text stuff in PS.
For example, for the No. 33 on the mudguard, i did this in PS then tried to save it on a transparent background as a .BMP to use for a decal. I did this so (i thought) i would only have the 33 to use in my decal an nothing else. When i loaded the decal onto the surfarce it had a nasty grey background colour with it aswell!! how do you stop this happening???. whats the correct way to create decals?? any advice would be helpful. Heres the image…