kicksguide omega theme

just wanted some comments on the final submission…

Nice rending Paul.

A few comments:

Bottom view has a very nice proportion… very elegant and sleek… nice.

Rendering style is very clean and communicative.

Perspective sketch looks out of proportion and is not really communicating much. I think a top view would help communicate your idea better, looks like you have some nice design lines going up on the toe…

Side view looks like it might be a little out of proportion. The heel is definitely a little high (which might be cool, but just to be aware of it), but I think the throat opening looks a bit wide. If you brought that top point (tongue are) back a bit, I think the whole thing would get sleeker. You could liquify it in photoshop.

Real nice overall though, good stuff!


thanks for the comments yo. i’ll have to try the liquify…

proportions are definitely hard… and even more so when drawing something in 3d… i tend to use 3d sketches as a way to get to something i like fast and then “flatten” it… so my 3d sketches tend to be all skewed most of the time.

and i sketch on the train which makes for interesting lines every now and then…

thx again

If you’re feeling good about that wood heel, then stick with it. But do so knowing that voting at KG voters do not respond as well to non-athletic shoe styles. I’m not saying you SHOULD change it. I’m just sharing what I know about KGAS.

If you do decide to change it, I’d suggest you take a look at some of Mike’s (D2Lo) work. He has some hot low-profile casual/athletic looks in his portfolio. Your shoe would look pretty cool with something like that.

You might also call out the alastic goring—if that’s indeed what it is—so we’ll will clearly know how one would get in and out of the shoe.

I also totally agree with Mikes comments. Slim up that ankle for a little more drama.

Its a nice render and a nice design… I emailed you an option for a proportion that I thought might work… just a thought, super subjective.

I hear you on the sketches. I also like to sketch in 3/4, just so I can think around the design more.


hi,i like the volume that you give to the upper,is very realistic and nice.

the bottom is very nice as well,but the heel some mate colored i guess.



I would not change your design nor design for the KG voting, voting aside you should I believe design your shoe to best communicate your ideas. (personally feel we need less athletic shoes on KG)

I think use of materials you could play with more, maybe its croc, snake, fur, leather with laser detailing, or have color backing on the leather and laser, leather with print or wash, maybe some play of texture/ contrast like full grain and suede. Would also look into maybe the stitching could possible have some thicker stitching or some deco stitching. Possibly some perf pattern on the vamp/ toe or on the medial quarters.

I would also be interested in seeing some inspiration for your shoe, think that would help pull things together, right now not seeing how his is a Omega shoe and not a Clarks shoe. maybe some of the inspiration and story could be seen on the inside lining or sock liner.

as mentioned above, agree think your rendering is nice, now just getting in some minor details and I think you would be finished.



I think that is why he needs a top view. It was not obvious to me at first, but the pattern makes an Omega logo, relating it back. It’s nice that it is somewhat subtle at first, but you want to show that detail off for the competition…

a top view would certainly help… i might give it a shot in the near future… got some other projects that need my attentions… i’m also going to rework the proportions…

as for investigating different materials, i’m not so sure that’s in the spirit of omega/rolex, but definitely be interesting… and something i know i’ll keep on doing in the future… i’m oging to work on the november retro theme which should be fun…

thanks for all the comments!

Your design was one of several I’ve seen who didn’t make finals but, in my opinion, should have. I don’t understand. Good work.

Yeah, I think it would have rounded out the finalists nicely… Ryan, who judges those?


Only the KG administrators. We mods have no role in judging.

had i added more process work, i think i would have made it… i think the subtlety of the omega was lost… hence a top view :wink:

thanks for the props…