kicksguide NASH entry

Here’s my kicksguide entry for this month. I call it the Air Flight SN.

This is a low-profile shoe designed for quick cuts to the basket and ultimate control on the fast break. The shoe draws inspiration from a variety of sources. I tried to incorporate touches of the Guggenheim Museum NY and the Allianz Arena in Germany. I also looked to soccer goalkeeper gloves for the inspiration on the midfoot support structure. The outsole takes some cues from native art inspired by Nash’s upbringing in British Columbia. Finally the SN logo is derived from the Tottenham Hotspur club crest - Nash’s favorite team growing up.

One key performance device is the self-adjusting fit strap that automatically adjusts to the athlete’s foot. I’m still not sure how it would work - I’ll let the people at the innovation kitchen figure it out.


suhweeet! the ridges at the midfoot could be a great idea, the design in general reminds me of the joints jkidd wore in the mid 90s the ones with the bug eyes, (zoom fly?) in that it is sort of minimalistic and organically shaped…

great use of textures!

Definitely much nicer proportionally and more unique visually than anything posted as finalists so far:

Very nice linework and rendering style.

One of the issues with hidden fit systems is that you are adding layers to the shoes, which add weight, impede flex, hold heat, and so on. If this where a portfolio project “the kitchen can figure it out” would be a huge strike. You don’t have to know how it will work, but you should have some possible solutions and thoughts.

Good stuff though, should def be in the finalists!

Thanks Yo and junglebrodda. My explanation for the fit system was just plain lazy. I definitely want to put more thought into this. I’m guessing some type of smart fiber that has the capabilitiy of expanding and contracting would have to be employed here. This is definitely something that I plan to research.

There you go. A good interview answer… :wink:


How you been man? I really like these! Hot as usual! The rendering style is fast, exciting and fun, and nice use of inspiration without half-ass thought put into it. Shoot me an email and let me know what you been up to. Nice work! I am sure you’ll be battling for the win, homie :wink:


man that looks really nice i hope it shows up as a finalist. the arch looks alittle high (but thats picking nits)