KicksGuide FreeStyle Rendering - Zoom Flight 07

I would love some comments and critique on my work. What do I need to improve… thanx

Description of the design:
I got to do a design that I had been longing to do for quite a while, to re-do my favourite shoe of all time – The Zoom Flight 95.
Much is borrowed and modernized from the classic, and cues from other old Nikes can be found. The original shoe was endorsed by Jason Kidd, and who better to endorse the modern version that super speedy Tony Parker.
The shoe features a carbon-fiber shank and a midfoot strap along with the zoom air to give the shoe a lightweight and adjustable fit. Full grain leather upper, a ventilation hole on the tongue and a cut-out at the back to reduce weight and add flexibility. Durable rubber outsole and a midsole that stretches up along the sides of the foot for lock-in stability.
Metallic swoosh that extends to the back and connects with the swoosh on the other side.
Bring back the 90’s!

Arent you IAn Gale, at least your rendering seems a lot like his style of designs, nice job though. Although that checkered pattern reminds me a lot of the 60s and 70s.

I think you have a lot of elemnts working for you here. Nice work. The design has good flow and looks like it would be manufacturable and functional. The rendering style is nice and clean, it communicates without being too flashy, which I always like. Personally I like the houndstooth type sheck, it looks fresh and classy. Well rendered quilting stitches too. Nice.

A few things to improve on

  1. the Swoosh. The shape is way off. It is rendered well. Do a google image search for swoosj and some perfect ones pop up, use that as a template. Look at the one in the corner of your board (perfect), we are pickey about that stuff and it will make you design look more professional.

  2. the forefoot strap looks blury, and the little metal highlight bling never looks good.

  3. your forefoot pod, the shapes look wavy, like they were distorted somehow, same with the shank. The design of the shank (shape and construction) looks very generic, I think this could be designed more. Same with flex notch and toe bumper.

  4. the white parts do not look as rendered as the the rest. Remember to shade the overall form of the foot. I’ve pointed out Leonard’s work as reference before, but I think this is one of the cleanest basketbll shoe rendering styles:

I know that is a lot of stuff, but most of it is nitpickey and small things that might help push the design over the top. You have a great foundation to build apon… and of course all of those things are just my personal opinion.

Thanks for posting it.


Hey yo - do you think that the carbon firbe strap would work , i think he went a little bit over the top with the carbon fibre going into the upper material. Wouldn’t that make the shoe a littel bit over restrictive keeping in mind that the flight 95 was in deed made for a guard and not a big man.

just what i think but hey what do i know - you tell us yo. You work at Nike so you would be best to answer this question , better than anyone else.

Yup…Carbon fiber is rigid, hard, and expensive. The only place it would probably be used would most likely be the shank for all of those reasons. However a textile could be matched to look like it everywhere else…


A lot of low-priced shoes which look like they have carbon fiber really just have a checkerboard pattern printed under clear plastic for the appearance.