Kia Trail'ster

My friend showed me this a bit ago. Love it (except for the apostrophe in the name). Hopefully the production version will stay similar. What do you all think?

I think the Soul has great proportions (both the first gen and this latest one), fits today’s transportation packaging requirements really well, is reliable and its no wonder the thing has sold in the boatloads (hamsters AND Hyundai’s manufacturing prowess behind it!!) so just about any derivative mod they come up with will rock and roll…This latest gen version has too many fancy bits for my taste but otherwise it’s kept that awesome simple-ness that keeps it near the top of my list for 3 or 4 years from now when my daughter will need her first car (and it’ll be a base model with a stick or course!!!).

Styling-wise, lower and wider always works wonders, so no surprise there.

Turbo 16oocc engine worth 185 bhp supplemented by 35hp electric motor, powered by a lithium battery, driving the rear wheels for an “impressive” 220 hp.

How much does all the electric stuff weigh; no estimated GVW is provided in the press releases. Not to mention it sounds like a maintenance nightmare to me.

@Generate: Good assessment! I agree it can get a little glitzy down near the fog lights.

@Lmo: I wonder how much into detail they think about that. “Kia gave no hints about whether it might sell a vehicle like the Trail’ster, other than calling it a “near-future” look at how a production vehicle might be built.” If the added electric could give the extra 25% MPG in the city like they say, that would be pretty sweet.

I wish they would have produced the Soulster. Now that the Samurai and the Geo Tracker are gone, there’s no mini trail buggy that you can just pull off the road and hit the smaller trails.

If they can keep the price in line with their other models with this hybrid drive line I think this will be a success.
The exterior is definitely an upgrade, and will appeal to a wider audience this way.
The interior is the best work I have seen so far from Kia, they usually play on the exterior design appeal.
A minor setback is the narrow trunk lid.