Kia Roadster? Eeeee...yaaaah!

I saw this interesting thing on Autoblog and the pic is from Edmunds



I don’t quite understand. Are you saying that is a PS’ed shot of a Peugeot or a Kia/Peugeot concept or just vapourware from the Kia CEO?


I see a Peugeot not Kia. Arhhh… I meant it looks totally Peugeot!

First things first - drop that horrible spoiler - it would look better with none at all.

I would say the belt line dips down too far under the mirror(it is a cool effect but they just took it way to far), and the little window (hard to see behind the mirror) ruins the effect even more. The headlights look like they are about 4 feet long - they are the biggest I’ve ever seen - that can be cool, but I think they are just too big - they make the front hood look too small and are distracting.

The grill is definately ripped off - unfortunately the European brands sort of did all the grills back in the 1900’s - theres only so much you can do with a grill, so now the newcomer asian makers get called derivative if they try a new grill - The grill seems too obtrusive, it sticks out from the rest of the front - albeit all cars are now doing that after the Volvo S80, but I think it just looks too pointy.

The rear quarter panel looks decent - you really can’t tell from this angle. Too be honest I would like to see more prominent artificial lines above the font wheel and going down the side - Lamborghini pulled off a similar front fender over the wheel, as well as the dropped belt line but it was much more defined, this just looks too soft to pull it off.

Also, the windshield looks sort of weird, I don’t know why, it’s probably because they should have made it all red or all black, not two tone.

I would not buy this car the way it is, there are too many other convertibles looking much better - ie the saab 93, the audi (even with the massive grill), or even the pontiac solstice or saturn sky. This one looks sort of like every other KIA/Hyundai sports car I’ve seen - overly styled with no restraint. The new Hyundai sedan they’re currently promoting is well done though.

Actually, I was thinking that somebody slapped a Tribeca grill on an Eclipse.

More interesting is that Kia is beginning to understand that having a flag model or showing off concept cars is important for the brand. As weird as Subaru can look, the WRX maintains the brand. Or the Peugeot concepts. Same goes for Corvette, Mustang, Hemi, Prius, etc.


More like part Bugatti Veyron…

…part 307 CC