KGIII - kicksguide

well here’s my entry for February at
wanted to practice Corel and photoshop together as I have never done that before. and no hand sketches either… 100% digital.
C&C welcomed.


Clean entry man.

1st off, nice improvement from your last entry. You are deffinately getting it. I can tell a lot of hard work went into this, feel good.

I got a few pointers of course though:

  1. proportions - pretty close overall, the side (laterl view) throat opening looks a little tight and the toe vamp a little short. rear view looks a bit pudgy, taper the top to reduce this. Bottom good. top, again the opening looks a little off.

  2. overall the shoe has kind of a retro feel with a faux auto clave vulacanized (think chuck taylor) or cupsole (think air force one and nike dunk) look to the construction of the tooling (bottom molded parts), which is cool and fitting, but I would ask if I where a judge what is new about it. Does it fit better, have better traction, lockdown better or faster, have more flexability? How could those improvements effect the look.

  3. this would read a lot nicer with more contrast.

Some renderings I like from a pure contrast and proportion standpoint are below, I think the goal is to have such a good, clean rendering style (not a lot of flash) that people talk about the idea and not the drawing: