KG ipod nano competition wrap up

So the big Kicks Guide iPod Nano competition wrapped up this week.

Congrats to Tomfoolery for scoring the win, much deserved. I especially like his page explaining the concept visually (below), personally I think that is a good benchmark page… though the iSoar name was unfortunate, knowing Tom though, I’m sure it was all part of the British humor!

There where a lot of good concepts this month, anybody have any comments on favorites? Leas favorites?

If you haven’t seen the finalists, check them out here:

I really liked Toms too, I thought that his really captured the ipod’s look, with the clear plastic, and basically the lightweight look. I also liked Cubby Golden’s concept, with the customizable upper. I think there were a lot of good renders this theme, i was a little dissapointed though, i thought some of the designs that didn’t make the finalists should’ve been up there, especially Arsen Rocks.

I hear you. Cubby’s was conceptually very interesting, but the proportions where killing the design on this one. The tooling made it look like a brick.

I liked Arsen’s a lot as well and was surprised it didn’t make it. The proportions on this where a bit over pushed in my opinion. I know Arsen likes to make everything look super fast, but maybe it was too exaggerated to make it to the finals? I likes his simpler alternate version.

These two were my favorite. I always like Ventislav’s because they are so radical and i thought this one was well executed. I liked the clean design of Thomas Le’s although the color choice could have been better. I hope i’ll be able to submit a design for the March Madness Theme.

i really liked Le’s cos every time i looked at it i fell deeper in love with it lol.
rushbrooks was a really hot render (man- that mesh!) and i love the cuts under neath, but the shape looked a bit unstable for walking in. just a thought i had.
zenith’s seemed to capture the essence of the ipod, to me.

and jake’s though not as appealing overall as the nano had very interesting shapes on it.

Thanks for liking the Puma. I wish I did switch up the colors, but I did that late at night and all I had was a blue marker, but thats not a good excuse, as I ended up messing around with it in photoshop. I kind of wish I had a little extra time to push the design way further or maybe get to start from scratch.

As for favorites, Rushbrook really had the best one. T. Murphy’s was a good rendering and I liked it, but the midsole to me looks a little heavy. I liked T. Hartings a lot too, I think if he had messed around with the cut of the shoe around the ankle and maybe rounded those hard corners a little I think it would’ve been great. Cubby had a really nice concept and I do wish I had thought of that.

Hopefully I make finalist for the Create Your Own Brand theme. Yo, my submission will probably a little familiar to you. Although I wish I had sent a better description, cuz I realized that I didn’t really explain the company’s intentions. But all is well I hope.

pretty stoked this end… It was a great months contest and one of th few months where I thought all the designs deserved to be in the finalist list. One of the closest runs ever too!
My I soar entry (yes the name was deliberat, excuse the british humour Yo), I tried to distill everything Apple and moreover the Ipod, stands for - immediatley visible DNA, existing technologies, used and incorporated in a different manner and of course the minimal ‘viginal’ look. Ive always seen the apple product as fairly robust and sturdy objects, this i tried to encompass with the bi density TPU foot cage, sole… And the fresh DNA was related to the 3D mesh insock and vibrant hidden coloured lining… Im glad the product pleased and as usual spurred discussions… I wasnt able to enetr this months due to work commitments and the missus wanting a holiday but I’m getting the Bic out for March…
As for my fave this month

Damn, Waynes hit the nail on the head boys… Awesome research and concept generation, the sound wave cushioning system, wasnt too far advanced as to put off ballers, the upper looked super breathable but allowed a certain level of stability and support… Excellent job
Looking forward to March.


thanks Yo…yeah i know what you mean bout the whole design of the shoe. But thanks to all for the love of the concept. Im still working on it and will be posting some work of mines soon when i get some free time from school.