KG freestyle entry

Here is my entry for the KG Freestyle theme . I just tryed to keep it freestyle , and kind of incorporate the Puma cells in to the shoe . Tryed everywhere around the shoe , not just as a cushioning element . It have a unsimetric outsole that goes to the lateral-medial-lateral direction and finishes with a good ankle protection unit on the laterral side . Something similar is also placed infront of the shoe , on the toebox . An exposed heel counter , and an extended heel coounter ‘Cell’ like net keeps the foot locked into the back of the shoe . Also a huge lace cover piece , that I tried to incorporate the Puma’s formstripe is velcroed on the medial side . I showed only the lateral side of the shoe in detail , the other parts can be seen on teh sketches part .The name of the shoe comes from the bulgarian word for ‘cat’ - Kotka ! So Kotkata , means 'The Cat '. I guess it was just kind nostalgic feeling , but I really like how it sounds for a shoe ,hehe … Anyway , every critique and comments are well expected ! Ole !

I see you’ve stopped taking your medication.


I love it. My only criticism is that the rendering looks too soft, too airbrushed. Maybe its the gold color.

I likey. The thing on the toe kind of scares me, that is a good thing.

Hey vents!

Sweet rendering! Is this meant as a basketball shoe? It seems to have an unusual cut for hoops. Though I have come to expect the unexpected from you, my friend!

Good stuff man. It hyped me up when I clicked on the subject =)


really really nice.

the ring on the toe looks like for improve the movement of the toes when walking,i had some similar stuff on my sketch book.I love the rendering.

Nice work Zdelar. it looks really like a futuristic shoe for b ball, i like the sole and the way it curves with those lines cut to make it look so fast. The Puma cell gives it an alien look to :slight_smile: . Good work


its all puma in 1. has some 96hr feel with the tooling an colors and some puma sport with the cell.

how the strap works now looks as a lace cover possible for stability.(cover area of your foot where breathability is needed-how could you possibly incorporate breathability or ways to make it articulate with the foot) with the eyelet seen am guessing there are laces too. how does the strap end on the medial? with how low the heights look on the medial, would be curious to see how you are supporting the foot.

am feeling some of the sketches- think have a cleaner and more iconic visual. and they do this also while keeping the puma stripe. Would challenge you to push your design and still keep the puma stripe, as it is now in your final rendering I am not reading that as the puma stripe. If this is “that shoe” that defies the rules and changes there symbol would have a purposeful story, reason.

Right now feel you have the parts but needs to be messaged. Meaning how they all harmonize and fit with each other. The attention seems to be heel focused but then eye is drawn to 3-4 things in that area. What is that 1 thing that we will walk away with after seeing this shoe. you have that thing but there are 3-4 of them.

interested in seeing more- I understand is a freestyle just trying be helpful

be well


Great work spaceman. I don’t know about that toe bump, but I could probably get over it since the rest fo the shoe is so freakin’ sweet.

very dope vents! showing the cell detail extending through the midsole is a great touch. i want to see the medial side though…