KG Entry: Game Day Lightning III

Hey what’s up yall its been a while. OK here’s my KG entry 4 this month. GDL III. Its real simple:

Nubuck/TPU uppers
PU/Adiprene ms
Herringbone inserts 4 the os

Pls as much feed back as possible. more 2 come.



looks like your keeping the language of the past GDL’s with the wrapped midsole an midfoot torsion. Along with large panels of materials an fast directional stripes.

but am wondering how you have updated the shoe. What are the new tech stories/ benefits with the new design. how could the feather tool be re-designed so maybe has more lateral support, or forefoot traction/ and flexibility.

right now are you using hidden webbing loops? how you lace this shoe has been different from shoe to shoe, one version had eyelets on the medial an hidden lace loops on lateral, so there are various ways lacing can tell a performance story for better fit.

your adidas performance logo looks placed on, think could be re positioned and scaled. maybe look at logo placement an scale with as much power an dominance as your doing with the stripes.

also something to explore as you continue to sketch is your stripe execution. Getting some value in the stripes, example, painted edges, folded edges an mold detail, welded stripes, stripes engineered in mesh an print on top, die cut stripes (usually seen with floating stripes in a saddle construction) have a weld around edge an fence backer (breathability). So just looking at some different stripe options think would push the design.

interested hear more about it an where you take it. This is def a shoe you can push some limits with and have fun.

be easy



A nice clean shoe. I agree with DV’s comments, in addition I would also look for that next level of detail. This has a striking across the room read, but what are the things you notice when you pick it up, or after wearing it a few times? Right now there is only one scale of details. I would also look to add an unexpected element. What twist can you add, or something that hasn’t been seen before?

I actually like that little bottom left thumbnail, the red one with the huge 3 stripes.

I also think you can do better with making the shank lok more dynamic, I think the shape of the shank in the outsole view looks a bit stock. How could it respond and interact with the 3 stripes? Could the 3 stripes bend the other direction toward the medial and incorporate a pivot while housing the shank while showing kind of a heel strike to toe off motion? Is there a new take on herringbone?

Don’t forget about the tongue. The toe down is the most important view when you put a shoe on. what unique details can you bring to the vamp and tongue?

I’m glad to see you keep pushing yourself, man! You are getting better with each post.

Thanx dv and yo. im still working on this shoe so soon you’ll see techs and more details as well as inspiration.