KG concept: Nike Zoomposite LF-A

The basic goals of this shoe were:
-Continue the line of sleek guard shoes and foamposites from the early 2000’s.
-Make a lightweight Foamposite shoe that still provided support for players at the PG, SG and SF.
-Translate the look of the LF-A in the shoe…details AND the overall look.

A foamposite shell is used to provide support and resemble the flowing, shiny surface of the LF-A, but only in key performance areas as well as the toe (for protection) to cut down on weight. A mesh vent in the lower heel gives a nod to the large mesh grilles on the back of the LF-A, and provides ventilation. A TPU support structure in the heel and ankle is designed after the sharp-curved feature in the back of the LF-A, and provides support. The 3 ankle eyelets, inspired by the exhaust tips, give the wearer customability support-wise. In the non-foamposite areas, a one-piece leather upper is used to prevent stretching. A carbon fiber plate on the medial side of the foot provides arch support.
All feedback appreciated!

good stuff, although i must admit i like the first and fourth drawing better than your final submission.

i would suggest throwing those into illustrator to refine and touch-up, or at least vary your line weight to give the lines inside of the silhouette more definition. right now the sketch has an almost “fine-art” touch as opposed to a designers clean lines and edges.

propers though, and good luck!

Thanks for the comment man. I actually considered using that 4th sketch as a final design, but I decided I needed to develop it more from a performance aspect. But I still tried to keep the same feel…(hope I was succesful)

Yeah I agree the lines should stand out more. I tried fixing em when I scanned em in, but since I don’t have illustrator or PS and don’t know how to use either…I was unsuccesful.

Good luck to you as well!

Some perfs, stitches, and a big lateral swoosh would go a long way :wink:

Think about the details that make a shoe a shoe. The unique thing about shoes as products is that they combine hand crafting, and modern industial techniques, ergonomics and fashion… play with the ballence of those things and I think it will help push your thinking.

… I also like that 4th sketch.

Thanks Yo…I’ll try to do a sketch later tonight with the more detail. The only thing is there isn’t much stitching on the lateral side since foamposite is used…but I’ll try to make it stand out more around the midfoot lacing system.

Alright here’s the sketch:

Please comment…

I like your first sketch much better. The extra lines, perfs and huge swoosh looks too 90’s to me. Lost alot of the modern, refined, clean line appearance that you had going.

Still though, I would like to see you push thigns a bit further. Looks like so many existing shoes, and even ones a few years back, and I think you could add something more new…

What I see in your first concepts, is very hyperflight to me. The most interesting aspect I like is the asymmetric detail you show in the top view. I would like to see more of that. what else is asymmetric? If you check the hyperflight, you will the TPU monkeys paw and some perf details as well as the collar line are all asymm which gives the shoe the interest that Yo was talking about.

In terms of yoru sketches, I would agree that you could refine things a bit. A more clean line (try pens and markers instead of what looks like pencil), and contrast between dark a light would help give the drawing some “oomph”.

Illustrator/PS also can work well…


Hey thanks Richard…I’ll keep your comments in mind as I continue this shoe.

very dope, the top view is really nice, the edit most definitely has a lot more going on but the 1st one looks much cleaner and refined…if you go with the big swoosh, it might be cool to scale down some of the other detail(s) on the shoe…

Alright, here’s where I am so far. I tried to mix the sleek, refined look of the first version with the more realistic look of the second sketch. I also tried to vary my lineweight more than before. There is also an asymetrical strap system that I added for extra lateral support…

Quick 3/4 of the strap…

I tried sketching with pens but I found them to either dry out to quickly or get messy. What kind of pens do you guys use to sketch?

Looks hot, B!

Hey, you guys realize this fool’s not even in High school yet??? He’s got a bright future indeed! Keep workin’ Ben!


Nice work, that feels much more 3dimensionally thought out… not even in high school? Nice.

I’m not much for pens, but if I do, any simple ballpoint works for me. Pencils I prefer prisma color black, or indigo blue. If you are using a number 2 lead pencil you won’t be able to get dark lines and they smudge.

Cool…for the next step of the project I might give the ballpoint pens a shot.

Hey good to see you posting over here TH!

nice progress. . i use a rollerball type pen. i find that the facgt i need to keep it moving to avoid smudges and bleeds gives a more dynamic line. plus, you can vary line thickness by how quick you move the pen.

very nice to see, esp. given you arent in high school yet! keep up the good work and im sure you have a bright future ahead!

As far as the design goes, i still have to say i like your firs tsketch best. i think the proportions are a little slimmer and the more minimarl lines give it a faster feel. to move forward, id suggest to try something completely different, dont worry about the proportions and just sketchs some new lines and forms. I think you could use to loosen up a bit and mayeb get some different shapes and lines in there.

nice work!


Sorry, I haven’t had much time to get anything done…once I get a minute I’ll get something done and post it up.

Hey B

Can’t wait to see the new stuff.

I was looking at your first image, and wondering why you shade the top of your shoe? Like on the toe box…One way to improve on your rendering…or make it more realistic is to think, at least in general, about where the light is going to hit it realistically. Don’t just shade for the sake of shading. Not that it can’t ever be shaded there, but just be conscious of it. Set a real shoe on the table in front of you and see where the shadows fall. Good work!


I never really thought about why I shade the top. I guess it’s because that helped me to create a sense of depth, (which I couldn’t seem to get otherwise) even though it wasn’t a realistic looking depth.

Hopefully getting the shading right will bump my renderings up to where I want them to be. Thanks T!

I just have a general question to the sketching of such shoes… Why do these sketches always have that … um… distinctive Achilles and heel line? There aren’t too many pieces of footwear that turn out looking remotely like that?

Is it just to spark interest knowing that the finished product won’t even like that, or is there just a misconception that most shoes have that kind of line.

By the way- I agree that the first ones look better, but definitely needed another more forceful (yet polite) swoosh. They look friggin’ sweet!

The over exagerate heel rake is like the rubberband tires on car tires. I usually exagerate it a bit to try and push the factory to build as close to the last at the cllar as possible and not over foam it up there, which they love to do on Baskeball stuff.

Alright so basically this is what I have right now. I have alot of messy black pencil, mechanical pencil, and pen sketches and thumbnails that I did for this. I’ll try to scan em in later…

The toe now has a rough synthetic material to protect it. The foamposite now has a metallic mesh vent surrounding it. I also took away the double lasting in the forefoot and added a visible midsole to add more stability.

I’m not too happy with the proportions though, seem a little bit bulky. But tell me what you think.

As always comments welcome!