KG competition coincides with my vacation :D Converse Wade

hi… just a little something i put together for the kg comp… comments are welcome… thanks…

shark high

flash high

flash mid

converse high

converse mid

will try to be constructive and concise…umm thats alot of steps to get in to the shoe; if it a pain to use, people probably won’t, not usr eif foamposite would be used outside of nike even with converse, the midsole looks extremely thin in the forefoot, wade is a big guy…the 3 stripes you mention in the forefoot…def will get called out as being too Adi, I think you showed alot of colorways but the design isn’t completely resolved and almost all KG entrants put alot of time into the backgrounds and visuals and not enough into the design itself. I hope this helps and look forward to seeing if you make an revisions


  1. i wanted to use foamposite like jordan XXI uses the air zoom pod. the technology screams nike, but its not the primary focus of the shoe- i agree that a completely foamposite shoe might not convey the converse image, but in a non obtrusive way, i felt it was okay.
  2. good call about the midsole, i should have shown what i meant by sockliner.
  3. three stripes? are you refering to the three piece upper, or the three vents near the toe. maybe im not seeing it like the avg shoe buyer, but i thought the three parts of the upper were reasonably diferent-shaped enough to prevent conveying three stripes as such.

thanks for taking the time, and yes, almost everybody has mentioned the process of putting it on being an issue.

and the accompanying text.

the inspiration for my design came when i read about the previous converse Wade, and how the vents were inspired by shark gills, also referring to wades attacks to the basket… i felt that in order to become a lasting phenomenon by itself, the converse wades needed a broader theme. so for this shoe i chose water, which follows from the shark idea… focussing on wade being the shark, and the water aiding him in his drives. so the flexibility of the shoe comes from the flow of water. also, the lines represent the leap of water, a surge of power from the forefoot. water can conceal as well as reveal, and so the shroud/ upper both covers the laces yet seems to flow over them, as the silhouette is revealed. the overall profile of the shoe again hints at water flowing from the top preserving the organic curves of a foot.

the toe vents tell a story on their own,
his jersey number
Third in free throws made per game (8.4): 2006
Fifth player in NBA history with at least 30 points, 15 assists and 5 rebounds in a playoff game.
One of five players (Also one of the youngest) to have atleast 40 points and 10 rebounds in an NBA finals game. Wade accomplished this feat with 42 points and 13 rebounds.
Fifth in points per game (27.2): 2006
One of only seven players in NBA history to average 25 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists while shooting 50% or more from the field in a playoff series. he accomplished this in two consecutive series in the 2005 playoffs.
(sourced from wikipedia)

so i used them to add a little heritage to the shoe, up its value
oh and i decided to use the dc comic book super fast super hero flash for design cues, therefore the shoe reflects the high speed ethos, and not flash gordon as nicked by shaq…

I see you included wades stats into the design (Yo has done that with Jordan) good call. I guess its the call out of thre piece upper that i noticed and not the design so much referencing Adi…so it might not be an issue. keep going with it and lets see if you take the design further but maybe simplify all the parts…and move on to markers/ photoshop and less pencils just my 2 cents tho


I like the unconventional nature of it of it but feel the proportions are odd, the toe looks short and very flat.