KFC: New Logo Seen In Space

KFC announced a new logo the other day:


Not too big of a change. Black outlines seem to soften his appearance and give him a cartoon-like look.

To commemorate this new logo, KFC has created a huge reproduction of this logo in the Nevada desert near Area 51. This huge logo is proclaimed to be the first logo seen from space.


Are we on the dawning of a new era of marketing?

Very effective for all those cheese eaters living on the moon… maybe the 3 people lining on the International space station will want some of the Colonel’s chicken?

Much better than the '91 logo, thank goodness.

Eventually once it is updated it will be on google earth.

Maybe it is a clever new form of marketing…

To bad KFC was the first to initialize it.

Nothin against KFC its just a pretty large forum for a chickin joint to invade

Reminds me of the facelift they gave Jackson on the new 20 dollar bill. Interesting how portraits get idealized over time.

They made him look less like Ho Chi Minh.

He’s wearing an apron now. They put the Colonel to work behind the counter I guess. Does that mean he’s been demoted? So sad.

A few years ago they turned him into a full-on mascot character and people were outraged:

Although I think it would be cool if Apple created a Steve Jobs mascot. That way he can preserve his brand legacy.

The apron has three stripes on it. It makes the Colonel look like he is sponsored by Adidas. Nike must be pissed

Maxim magazine made a giant version of their 100th issue cover with Eva Longoria not too long ago. Also somewhere in Nevada and you could see it on google earth.

officina quack! logo is well before visible form the space than KFC…sorry…