Keyshot Export - STL / ZPR

Hi IDers,

Does anyone have experience exporting Keyshot files (with color / texture maps) to be printed on a Stratasys (Objet) J750 Full-Color Polyjet machine?

I’ve exported plain-old STLs but have never exported an STL or ZPR from Keyshot to include a Image / Texture map. Any tips / tricks would be appreciated!



What modelling package are you using and what do you have access to?

I’m using Rhino to model / import into Keyshot.

Can you not export as OBJ with textures from Rhino and put the OBJ in the Objet software?

Thanks for the reply MK19, I haven’t thought about applying it in Rhino and exporting. It’s worth trying too.

My thought was, since I’m applying color, textures in Keyshot… and Keyshot can export as an STL or ZPR. Can that Keyshot export file be printed as-is on the J750 polyjet printer? I’m working with an engineer to test it out, I’m hoping for an answer in the coming days.

If I get anywhere worthwhile, I’ll post directions and some pics.

(.STL) files do not carry color for 3DP. Also you model needs to have the bodies touching but not overlapping so that the different materials/colors can be used in the J750. Download the software for the J750 from GrabCad…called GrabCad Print. This way you can test out the files, even prepare them. The colors and texture can transfer to a bit easier from Rhino…use the “extract render mesh” and then kick out that mesh as potentially try (.vrml) or (.obj).

The best approach is to bake in your texture from your CAD environment.
Blender is a good -and free- tool to wrap UV textures onto meshes.
I usually import Obj files into Keyshot with as much texture as possible baked into the obj, it is much more straightforward of a work process towards 3D printing.
If you outsource the 3D print to a company operating ZCorp machines then Keyshot ZPR export is still an option…