Keyshot Anyone use?

Anyone use Keyshot? Looks awesome for product, but have you ever tried using this for interiors? I don’t think it supports the IES lighting standards, but can you get a good interior scene.

Keyshot is primarily driven by HDRI lighting - I’m not sure how well it would work out for interiors where the lighting is key to realism. HDRI info is great for product shots where the object is effectively in an open environment and the environment gives it that depth, but with interiors it’s almost the opposite. Usually you have very little environmental light (and if any, it’s the sun so it’s 1 big directional source) but lots of other light sources inside. I know you can do emitters but I haven’t seen much out of Keyshot in the way of complex global illumination support which is what gives most interior shots their vibrance.

Not saying it’s not possible - but you may want to try out a simple interior scene for yourself first.

I tried looking through their galleries to see if they had anything that I would consider a “typical” interior but couldn’t find anything. I know in the arch viz world VRay/Mental Ray is still probably #1.

Cyberdemon, appreciate the feedback.

What would you say off the top of your head is the best bang for the buck all purpose renderer for Rhino? I’ve tried exporting and rendering in MAX with excellent results, but I am slow at their interface, lots gets in the way, expensive too. Also, I like to try to learn the program “everyone” is using to improve chances of employment. I hear cinema 4D alot - sounds expensive…

I use Keyshot as my primary rendering engine since it exists and it’s GREAT. Nevertheless, I would recommend it for product and automotive only, not for interiors. The reason is, Keyshot is restricted to HDRI lighting for simplicity of use. It makes it tricky (if not impossible) to render a confined space or to simulate artificial lighting. Cinema 4D, 3ds Max or V-Ray for Rhino will work better for this.

Have you tried the Flamingo NxT beta for Rhino? I really like its results and integration.

Yes been working with NxT. Great but slow on my machine and some materials like satins and sandblasted glass really hard to “tune” in. I think I need a faster machine. I have tried for some interior stuff, pretty good but again slow on my machine, especially the more do-dads you have in the scence. Too bad Nxt has really bad previsualization and no real time render, You really have to know what your doing to work fast. Trial and error approach can be slow.

If interiors are going to be a big part of the workflow I would suggest Vray for Rhino. They have a trial as well.

It’s a traditional renderer (not a real time renderer) but there is a pretty big Vray community for support. Like any new package I think once you spend a bit of time with it and understand the settings and have some default shaders you know act how you want, it becomes much quicker.VRay also lets you adapt to how much quality you want baked into each frame, so test renders can be done quickly.

If your machine is slow (single/dual core) consider spending the money now on a new i7 machine. Those 8 cores will quadruple (or greater) your render times and you can get a desktop machine like that for under $1000. Taking a render from 2 hours down to 15 minutes is a big deal.

best bang for the buck for Rhino is Keyshot.

Its the most efficient rendering software out there. Time is money.