Keyshot 4 - Label Application

Recently I have had lots of requests to create renderings of packaging. Currently, my process is to create a model of the package in Solidworks, and have a graphic team member supply me with 1:1 scaled files of the packaging flats (front, side, top, etc). Our theory was that if everyone is using the same measurements, then it should be relatively easy to place and play… So far every label that is imported into Keyshot requires some sort of scaling and tweaking, despite our 1:1 theory.

I’d like to hear of other experiences or processes that could be more efficient, or is this just par for the course.

Keyshot 5 does the same exact thing… I have been messing around with the settings and sizes. As far as I can tell, allowing keyshot to autoscale during the import phase is where things start to get messy. I had asked a similar question during a Keyshot hosted webinar, and the only answer was that they were working on fixing some of the issues.

The work around that I have been using is just the same as you’ve outlined, some scaling and placement shifting around. Hopefully someone else has a better way.

In KeyShot 5, for packaging, create the label full size and save at 300 DPI. When you apply the label to the material use the DPI check box in the label panel and specify the DPI . It comes in at full size. Make sure you use the same units for everything. You will still have to fuss with alignment.