Key to...

Hi guys,

I need some feedback. What do you thing about this gift I made.
The gift has a symbolic value like are love, luck, friendship (key is unlocking hearts…etc.)


That’s very clever. I love it. The images are just as, if not more powerful than the gift itself.

thats very cool.

i have a friend who’s always worn a skeleton key around his neck on a leather shoelace.

how do you anticipate the owner would experience the key? once as a gift, then stored away somewhere? or does it open something?.. don’t get me wront, its a sweet sentiment by itself and simple. just wondering if it’s part of something bigger?

Yes, the key is very simple because I think that the point is in symbol (if you love someone or
if you have a friend and you want to tell him/her, this is the right gift or just a gesture).

It`s interesting to watch the people when they discovered the idea (usually they need some time)
but when they do, they are fascinated :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately this piece is just some sort of jewelry or souvenir (it not so cheap because its
made from silver - I attached the picture that you can see how big it is). This gift is the peace of an old story about our city (I mentioned this on my blog
I am also working the packaging but it`s not finished yet.

However in the future I will try to upgrade and expand the idea.

Oh wow packaging for this type of thing is an interesting one…
which way are you going with it?

Yes, the packaging could be interesting, but I still don`t know which way I will take precisely. Perhaps something concerning with the keyhole.