Kevin's Portfolio Teaser

It’s not finished yet, but this is the beginnings of my portfolio. I would love some feedback on the layout and what I need less/more of?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not a fan of that issu site. The biggest problem is that it is showing other people’s work in the right margin. As for the portfoilio, I would loose the title pages. They don’t communicate anything to me and your pages say as much as I need to know about the project. Try to toss in projects that show other aspects of your skills like computer rendering and model making, etc.

I would suggest creating your own stand alone portfolio site or use something like Coroflot.

Keep up the effort and it’ll pay off. :smiley:

Ya I know what you are saying. I guess the same can be said for Coroflot, as other designers are easily searchable. Beggars can’t be choosers: A free site is a free site.

I’ll try and throw in some model pics. Thanks for your comments

I think you are off to a good start.

I feel there is a little disconnect between the project cover page and the presentation pages. I think if you introduced the accent color from the presentation page onto the cover page it would help them relate more.

Also… I would ditch the additional titles on the cover pages. Just do the title once instead of three times. it’s a bit overpowering and distracting.

I think you have some nice sketches in there. I may question the validity of some of your solutions… but you show your sketch process well.

On the energizer page I would scale down the sketches on the left hand side a bit. I think they cover too much of your title bar.

You are definitely off to a good start.

Noted. I think I will remove the cover pages as 2/2 people dislike them. What do you mean by “question the validity of some of your solutions”? Are you saying I should explain my design process in greater depth?

I would change your issuu link. Follow the directions below and you can open it up to where it’s not on the main issuu website.

I think you did a good job with your projects. You could explain the process a little more to help us gain a better understanding of what you wanted to achieve.

When I said that “question the validity of some of your solutions” I’m not trying to say they are bad projects by any means. For instance… with the equilibrium project. The final solution looks very large and way too delicate to be wearable on the wrist. It looks like my arm would get tired wearing it while running and if I accidentally bumped anything with it I would be afraid it would break off.

What I was meaning by that statement is that while I would have done something differently, you show your progression pretty well.

That is really helpful. Thanks Ross.

What’s your current status (ie. year of school, school, etc)? I think I read 4th year someplace? Where at? This would help in better evaluating the work.

I second ditching the title pages, BTW.

Overall, in terms of a teaser, I wasn’t honestly very successfully “teased”. It shows a breadth of designs, but not much into your thinking, and the designs and sketches themselves could be a lot stronger. The layout and graphics as well are kinda weak and don’t add much to the presentation.

Think of the portfolio as telling a story. How can you tell the story of “you”, your work, process, etc. Try to inject some rhythm in the layout and projects as well as variation to keep the interest of the viewer. At the moment it all seems a bit flat at without any highlight, which is exactly what you need in a teaser. I (as most people will) scanned it in 30sec or so, and didn’t come away with anything memorable or even one thing that would stick in my mind a day later. This is what you should be going for.

I’d like to reserve more comment for when I hear where you are coming from so I can better put it in context.



Graduated in 2008 from Humber

I see, thanks. How critical do you want me to be :wink:


Ha, well I know it needs to be revamped. I was more looking to see what people thought about the sketching, instead of the graphic layout. The graphic layout is being changed as we speak. If you want to comment on the sketching and how I can present that better, it will be more beneficial to me as that’s what I’m more concerned about.

I am probably going to reiterate a little of what has already been mentioned but for me I think you need to make it memorable. There are different ways of doing that but most importantly I would need to see a little more process. How/why did you get to these solutions? Show a page filled with loose early sketches and support it with some sort of research/background. Then as Richard had said, create the flow from loose sketches to something a little more refined as you have now and then a nice photoshop or illustrator rendering and finally a model rendering. Show the versatility of your skills and why you would be an asset to a company. As far as what you have presented us so far, I would lose the color in your sketches (it detracts from everything you have), the perspective is very poor and shows a lack of fundamental skill, and loosen up, everything feels very tight and forced, more gesture and emotion in your lines