Old dog can learn new tricks.

Yo - thanks for taking the time to do the enhancement. I did every thing the same but i used the dodge and burn tool.

there you go. It is popping.

Got some ergonomic sizing down for the handle, and better defined the dimensional sizing (impressed how close my proportions in my sketch where to my refinement.

Now to make a foam core 2 d cut out as i think i like the taller more slender look… 10" tall vs 12" tall

Looks great in the round.

Some quick foam core 2d mock ups for 1:1 size.

refinements for sure and then check the changed volumes and i think ill get it cnc’d out of blue foam :slight_smile:

OKay so its awesome that i just saw this on the front page of the core site, I have always been taught and been taught that it is hard to have a truly original thought. Im not sure if i have ever even seen this or not but if i did and i forgot i would have to assume that my exploration could be based on a subconscious impression that was left somewhere in the reaches of my head.

Tea kettle 3D prototype Phase I - cnc’d foam core

nice! I love the 2d cut out too. It is amazing how much you can learn from those. we do them all the time as well. Printing out a full size speaker at 1:1 can tell you a lot about the design.

100% agree for such a quick simple thing it is amazing how many people skip that step and go straight to 3D prototypes and then evaluate… 2d foam core quick eval, refinement and reduce the number of 3d prints which = faster development time for less money.