Kershaw's Critiques

I want to start a thread to post work, get feedback and critiques.

This way I can put all my work and sketches in one topic to hopefully see progression…

Will post something soon for a project I’m working on, I will not be cleaning any sketches up in PS because I want to show it for what it is.

My main focus is to improve on sketching, perspective, and marker rendering with the ultimate goal of an internship this summer.

My passion is with footwear so I will do my best to post those as well as other sketches and studio work to get feedback.

Everyone please be BLUNT and HONEST I need a good honest critique to improve, no babying

Here are some concepts I came up with for the redesign of a trash can for our first project this semester in studio.

some more concepts

Here is my final layout for this project, thoughts?


Thanks for posting.

Your ability to share your stuff and get feedback will help you to get farther faster with these skills. A lot of it is learning how to see, and learning how to approach the page with confidence.

I recommend taking a break from the rigid constructions to try some more empathic sketching. Loose, from the gut, with more calligraphic line styles… then return to the constructed style and back an forth until they start to meet in the middle.

Keep doin’ it! Have fun!

The drawings are VERY static. Your forms are all just boxes with very rigid lines, and static composition.

Check out and print out some pages of sketches that inspire you. Buy the design-sketching book and take a look at all the different styles and what makes them good.

Good sketching is about communicating a good idea with enough looseness to convey some good emotion and style.

Practice drawing every day for at least 1-2 hours. Start off with the basic exercises (drawing straight lines, boxes, ellippses) to train yourself then practice drawing something from around the house. Start with things that are a little bit easier (simpler forms) and then work your way up to more complex and organic forms.

You need to learn to look at other peoples work and how to apply the skills and lessons to your own drawings. While the box is the foundation of just about every object, you need to learn how to start fleshing out form and surface within those boxes.

Loosen up! Thats what i got told when i posted work here for a critique and it made the world of difference to my sketching. Express the product through your sketching (this includes what drawing medium you choose)…

Hide your straightedge for the next two weeks.

the most interesting thing you’ve shown us is the can. I think this is because its a composit of more than one simple form… i.e. two cylinders kindof in a state of mitosis.

everything else however is basically just one simple form. try more composited stuff, you may end up with more interesting results.

Thanks for all the advice so far, and you are all right, I need to loosen up, hide that straight edge and work on proportion

Tonight I plan on having a few hour sketching session by myself at my apartment with some Fugees on Pandora… then I will post up some stuff for you guys to crit, hopefully less formal and alot more loose…

The reason for the straight edge and Fcurves is because these are all drawings that had to be pinned up in studio and here thats what they want…

Im going to talk with him during class today to see if loosing up my style will hinder my grade/ critiques…

Thanks for everyone taking time to look over it so far

If your professor is telling you to use a ruler you need to be wary of anything they say in the future.

Cleaning up lines with a straightedge/french curve is acceptable if you’re doing a HIGHLY polished rendering - your sketches are still at the level of quick idea sketches. They should be drawn as such.

Remember - loose does NOT mean sloppy. It means having line that are dynamic and have character but still clearly convey your point. It’s very easy to tell by looking at a line whether it was drawn stiff or loose. And if your professor tries telling you otherwise maybe you need to print out a stack of professional drawings and ask him to find the lines drawn with ruler.

My drawing class at school was fairly poor - but we NEVER were told to use a straightedge, we were practicing straight lines from day one. If you learn to draw with your arm and not your hand you’ll have no problem putting down a straight line freehand.

Thanks for the advice Cyber

here are some loose shoe doodles I did in English Class…

Here are some thumbnails of our next assignment. a light switch redesign…

another quick doodle before work…

any C+C is more than welcome

Draw bigger. Thumbnail doodles are fine for yourself, but you can only get so much detail and line weight in little drawings like that.

Theres so much good footwear design going on on this forum that you should have no problem finding good reference material for line weight and proportion.