Kendall vs. CCS? (Transfers to/from either please write in)

Okay this is my second post and I wanted to ask the most pertinent questions (so far as my goals are concerned):

As a state of michigan resident (unfortunately) which school is better not just for ID / Product or Furniture design, but which one is better for students who like to help other students?

Which is better for teachers being inclined to help students outside of class?

Which is less competitive amongst students? Again, as per my other post (entitled Am I wasting my time…) I am not a competitive person. I don’t want to look at my other classmates as competition. I would rather have no such tension, but am I wrong in disliking competitiveness?

Anyway, if there are any Kendall transfers to CCS please let me hear your story.

And vice versa, if there are any CCS transfers to Kendall, the 4-1-1 please.

hey man.

i dont know much about kendall, but i am working with a kid from CCS this summer at DeWalt in Maryland. We are both interns. He actually is graduated and has headed back to Taiwan so could not take something long term.

I have one year of school left. I felt like he was more preparred than me and it seems like all the drawing he did at CCS was a big time help. They really know how to draw and can get down their ideas very quickly. I do not know though…one year makes a big difference in PD.

take care,
david if you are interested

If you don’t want to be competitive, then choose a non-competitive job. Design is not one of them.

And CCS is very competitive.

I’m driving this said kid to the airport tomorrow.

I was in your shoes 3 years ago. I’m glad that you survived Bob :smiley:

all design programs are going to be competitive as the field its self is very competitive, that is not to say there isn’t a lot of comradory (sp?) between students, competition often is a very powerful way to form bonds and friendships.

CCS grad are mad sketchers and conceptualizers, but i feel they offer little in concept realization. just my experience. kendall has teh classes, but it is upto the individual to push themselves to be better designers. kendall is less expensive. if you want to do furniture, kendall hands-down. you REALLY need to go see both programs and ask tough questions.